Filming Diaries Pictured Report 3 (July 23rd)

On July 23rd, we visited the community of ” El Dorado”, next to “Apanas” dam. We found water everywhere but most of the times, it was polluted by pesticides used in coffe production. Our friends Jairo and Alfonso, who worked for the Swiss Cooperation Agency, showed us the project that they were running. They were working along with the community and CARE. Everybody in the communty will have access to proper sanitation and clean water soon.

Maria Ines Rizo with her family. Washing their clothes and bathing their babies in the contaminated water of Apanás.


Maira Rizo washing clothes.

El Dorado’s canal shared by humans and ducks.

De-oxidation basin to provide fresh water.

Processing water plant in El Dorado.

Manuel Martínez