Filming Diaries Pictured Report 4 (July 24th-27th, La Chureca)

During the next four days we were working in Managua, filming in La Chureca (Managua´s garbage dump).

Only two years ago, it was a place where you could find a 24/7 asphyxiating atmosphere of dark smoke and sharp-painful smells, ragged mothers fighting with vultures for the bones of dead animals; kids with empty swollen bellies picking bags up off the floor that contained milk to booze; absently-gazing people walking without shoes on a ground covered with glass and needles; cows eating human tumors and limbs from red bags of hospital waste, or a little child opening one of these bags with blood remains and throwing away the blood to keep the bag as his little treasure…

Nowadays, La Chureca is a place where everything is changing fast and the winds of change are bringing new hope and dreams. Hopefully, all the community will benefit from a project donated by the Spanish Government to the Nicaraguan nation. The old dump is sealed, a recycling plant will be working very soon, therefore, the inhabitants will have a house and a job.

Garbage & water.

A day at work in La Chureca.


Rivas’ Family. Faces of Hope.

There is always time for FUN.

– Manuel Martínez.