Always look on the bright side …

Meeting with my career counselor today, I was energized with a fresh perspective. She told me she has great hope for the future, with all the intelligent driven empathetic people educating themselves to try to build a better world. She said the next generation is going to do great things, and that humanity is evolving to something better.

I don’t know whether or not she’s right, but why not believe it? It makes getting up in the morning easier anyway. So in the depths of finals week I choose to find hope that somehow all our efforts aren’t for nothing. A moment of optimism, it feels nice to give in for once. After all, things could be worse, and may be in the (near) future. But for now, no one’s getting arrested under the National Defense Authorization Act, the weather’s still relatively normal and my fiat currency can still buy food, so I’ll call it a win. And, we’re alive. So enjoy it!

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