Doomsday Preppers… sign of the times?

I realize I’m not the only person half-joking about December 21, 2012. But I didn’t realize I’m so far behind the apoca-times that National Geographic has a show about Doomsday Preppers.

Since I consume my sitcoms exclusively via hulu, I miss a lot of popular culture, so this gem would have slipped by without Stephen Colbert’s valiant intern slaves. I imagine Stephen has a team of college students trapped in a purgatory-esque basement à la Ben Hur, damned to watch every asinine commentator on Fox News, gathering the choicest clips (or rather, scraping the bottom of the barrel?).

Stephen was nonplussed by these survivalist citizens and their bug-out plans, as evidenced by his segment titled Stephen Colbert’s End of the World of the Week.  “They’re all ready for the unthinkable. And they each unthink it will be something different.” Then he rolled the tape of all the different crazy things these bunker-loving wackos were prepping for: a second worldwide great depression, the possibility of a devastating earthquake city of LA, an electromagnetic pulse disabling America’s transportation system, and Yellowstone’s super-volcano to explode.

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A rose by any other name

Would be totally different. That’s what I learned today, bizarrely enough, while visiting the token hippy homestead here on Lopez. The original settler was a quintessential Californian transplant (let’s call him Cali), with a lot of ‘what was I saying…?’ if you know what I mean. He was slightly disgruntled with life on Lopez, mostly because of the short growing season and the long line of building codes derailing his ideal off-grid lifestyle.

He dreams of moving to the Big Island (Hawaii) or back to California, but the plethora of illegal dwellings on his back 40 make it unlikely he’ll be able to recoup their full value if he ever does decide to sell (see the ‘temporary’ bus/house that one master carpenter tenant constructed). Plus his kind and centered wife **Wind** would probably have something to say about it if his plans ever threaten to come to fruition, considering she has four grandchildren on the island and is a chef, dula and raiki practitioner.

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