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Saving your “Favorites” in Zócalo

This article is for students and alumni using Zócalo. Say you’re tooling around in Zócalo, clicking through employer records, and you find an organization you’ve never heard of that looks interesting. You’re delighted to find that many of the organization listings you’re looking at have robust profiles, and all contain links to their websites. You don’t have much time to devote to your career research right now, but you’d like to explore more at a later date. What next?

It’s easy to save the employer as a “favorite.” You can then return to the Favorites tab in the Employer section at any time, where you’ll find a neatly organized list of organizations of interest.  We’ll start at the beginning of the process for those of you that are new to Zócalo:

1. Click on the Employers tab. Use the search fields to narrow down the list of organizations you’re reviewing. (ex.: Industry: Education: Higher Education, State: California will currently narrow the list down to 34 organizations.

2. When you find an organization of interest, click on the star to the right of the name. The star will become highlighted…

…and the organization will be added to your Favorites tab under Employers. From here, note that you can export your list to Excel (you can use this to track your networking efforts with these organizations!)

3. You can also save your “favorites” in the Jobs section with jobs, internships and fellowships!

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