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What are the minimum laptop system specifications


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A Graduate School of Middlebury College


Minimum Laptop System Specification: Recommendations for Students


  1. A.   For students who already own laptops (used laptop computers)


Processor:                       i3 Intel Processor or equivalent

Memory                          2GB

Hard Drive                      100GB

Operating System       Windows7/Vista or Mac OS X 10.5

Wireless                           Internal or external wireless adapter 802.11b/g


Note: these minimum standards may not be sufficient for students who will be using resource-intensive applications, such as computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, but will meet most needs for students in other programs.


  1. B.    For students who are purchasing new laptops


Processor:                       i5 Intel Processor or equivalent

Memory                          4GB

Hard Drive                      240GB

Operating System       Windows7 or Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Wireless                         Internal or external wireless adapter 802.11g/n


Warning: Some specialized software for the TLM, T&I and CAT programs require Windows to operate.  Students bring a Windows PC or laptop to campus should be able to install the necessary software.   If you plan to bring a Mac with you to school for these programs you may be required to purchase and install a copy of Windows on your Mac.  Students are solely responsible for the additional cost of purchasing a legal Windows license.   Windows can be installed on a Mac using the built-in Bootcamp feature, or by first installing virtualization software such as VirtualBox.  We recommend that you install Windows on your Mac prior to coming to campus if possible.  Instructions for doing so can be found here Installing Windows on your Mac using VirtualBox.


Additional Checklist

In addition to laptop computers, here are some related items we recommend bringing with you to campus:


  • Laptop Lock
  • External USB drives, such as flash drive and USB hard drive for data backup
  • Operating system installation/repair discs that came with your laptop purchase, or which the manufacturer’s software prompted you to create
  • Computer Warranty Information, user guide, manual, and other documents that came with your computer
  • Power Strip or Surge Protector with 6 ft. cable
  • 25 ft. Ethernet Cable


Important note: make sure you have valid antivirus software installed on your computer. Updated antivirus software is required for any computer that connects to the school network!!!


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