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Signing up for an Advising Appointment in Zócalo







Should you need to meet with your advisor for an appointment, please log into Zócalo and follow these easy steps:

1.    Go to: “Advising Appointments;”
2.    Click again on the next “Advising Appointments” tab that appears;
3.    Under “1. Set your Scheduling Criteria,” Choose Counseling Type: Appointment, Phone or Skype;
4.    Check the box next to my name. Ignore the “Earliest Appointment” and “Latest Appointment” fields;
5.    Under “2. Click a Date and Time,” click on the date you would like to meet. Dates with availability will be highlighted and clickable;
6.    Click on your preferred time slot;
7.    Under “3. Submit Your Request,” check for accuracy. A quick note about the topic(s) you’d like to discuss in the “Additional Notes” field would be very helpful. If meeting by phone or Skype, please enter your contact info here;
8.    Click “Submit,” and you’re done!

Your appointment requests will be automatically approved. An email reminder will be sent from the system as soon as you hit “Submit.” You must submit an appointment request at least one hour before the time you hope to meet. The system will only allow cancellations no less than one hour before a scheduled meeting.

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