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How do I add users to my WordPress sites?

Site administrators may add users (subscribers, authors, editors, and additional administrators) to blog sites.  To add users: 1. Login to Blogs@MIIS with your username and password. 2. Click on “Add New” in the grey site administration bar at the top of your site, then scroll down to “User.” 3.  Next type in […]


How do I embed a Middmedia video into a blog post?

Another option to add videos to your blog post is to upload your video to MiddMedia, a Middlebury media site to save, store and share larger audio and video files. Initially you will need to activate the MiddMedia and Audio Player plugins on your blog.  You can skip this step if […]


How can I set up a private 1-1 (professor-student) dialogue exchange in Moodle?

“I would like for the students to post their interpretations, journals and comments and for me to be able to give my individual feedback without the whole class knowing. As of now, I use Forum, but all students are able to see the content there.”

To create a private and individualized document and feedback exchange with students you can try the Forum + Separate Groups Approach described here.


Why can’t students post to discussion forum in my iLearn course?

Discussion Forum postings may be blocked due to Group Settings in your iLearn course.


How can I e-mail my students before my class starts?

Bannerweb includes a variety of “Faculty Services” including enrollment information for classes that you may be teaching.  A useful function is the ability to e-mail your students individually and as a group using their @miis.edu accounts.  This is useful if you would like to make contact with your students before […]


How do I delete the News Forum that comes standard in my Moodle course?

According to Moodle.org, permanently deleting the news forum takes two steps:
1) Go to course settings and set the number of ‘news items to show’ to 0; Save this setting.
2) Return to the course home page and delete the news forum.


How do I access archived Moodle courses?

All iLearn Moodle course sites are backed up and archived for two years beyond the semester of instruction.

Courses for the current academic year (e.g. Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Summer 2012) are available on ilearn.miis.edu.

Courses from previous academic years beginning with Spring 2011 are archived at ay1011.ilearn.miis.edu, where “ay” stands for academic year.

Pre-Spring 2011 Courses continue to be archived on our retired Moodle server at eLearning.miis.edu.

Questions about the location of an archived course may be directed to ITS Help Desk helpdesk @ miis.edu.


Moodle Quickguide for Faculty

Download [pdf]: Moodle Quickguide for Faculty


Where can I find the enrollment key for my Moodle course?

Your enrollment key is listed in the Administration block under Settings.


What kind of Forum best fits my Moodle course needs?

You may have noticed that there are different kinds of Forums available in Moodle. As a teacher you have different options for promoting online interaction among students. Determine your goals for the activity to help select the appropriate forum type.

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