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How do I create a Gallery using Drupal?

Galleries can be used to display a set of photos as a photo slideshow.


How do I manage who can make changes to my area of the website?

Groups are used to control who has editing privileges to the various sections of the MIIS website. If you are the group manager, you can add or remove group members by visiting http://go.middlebury.edu/groups.


I have pages and pages of file uploads on my “Files (hidden)” page; is there a better way to organize these?

You can create multiple Files subpages to keep your Drupal files organized as you see fit.


How do I add a sidebar below the navigation menu in Drupal?

In order to create a navigation sidebar (the sidebar area located below the righthand navigation menu), you need to create a new subpage to house the sidebar content.


How do I adjust my blog’s privacy settings?

You can change your blog’s privacy settings by going to your blog’s Dashboard and selecting Settings < Privacy.


How do I delete my MIIS blog?

You can delete your Blogs@MIIS blog by visiting your blog’s WordPress Dashboard and choosing “Delete Site” from the Tools menu.


How do I insert a file using Drupal?

After you have uploaded your file to the appropriate Files (hidden) area, you can insert it on a specific page using the “Insert file upload” button.


How do I create a GO link?

GO shortcuts (i.e. http://go.miis.edu/english) can be created using Middlebury’s shortcut creation service located at http://go.middlebury.edu/admin.


How do I change my blog tagline?

To change the tagline of your blog (by default it is “Just Another Blogs @ MIIS Weblog”), login to Blogs @ MIIS. Go to your dashboard and look under Settings < General < Tagline.


How do I view my class schedule in BannerWeb?

After you have logged into BannerWeb, click the “Student Records & Registration” link. Then, select the “Registration” link to get to one of two versions of your class schedule: “Student Schedule by Day & Time” or “Student Detail Schedule”.

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