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How to make Windows 8 “forget” your network profile

In some cases, it helps to delete a wireless profile and create a new connection from scratch.  In Windows 8, this is normally done by clicking on the network and select “Disconnect.” If this option is not available, a command line terminal can be used to run the following commands.


How do I set up Outlook on Windows 8 Laptops and Tablets

These steps should work for MS Office 2013 and Office 365.  For older versions of Office please see our Office 2010 setup guide.  The following screenshots were taken from Outlook 2013 but may also apply to the Windows Mail client. If you have not set up your Email account, you […]

How do I connect my Windows PC to a Campus Printer?

How do I connect my Windows PC to a Campus Printer?

Note: This article applies only to MIIS and Middlebury owned network PC’s.  We do not connect Student laptops to Faculty and Staff printers. Personal laptops belonging to Faculty or Staff should be brought to the Helpdesk in Casa Fuente 320 for printer installation. 1. Go to the Windows “Start” menu. […]


Where on campus can I go for help with a wireless connection problem?

Students, faculty and staff can get help at the Information Technology Service office located in Casa Fuente, 320. Visit their home page for more information.


How do I print from a laptop to a campus printer?

6/27/11 **At this time the Webprint feature does not work on the iPad.  You must have a Windows or Macintosh computer to use web based printing** To a download a quick reference, right-click the  links below: Macintosh  Laptop Print Setup Windows Laptop Print  Setup To print to any Canon printer […]

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