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BannerWeb Help


How can I e-mail my students before my class starts?

Bannerweb includes a variety of “Faculty Services” including enrollment information for classes that you may be teaching.  A useful function is the ability to e-mail your students individually and as a group using their @miis.edu accounts.  This is useful if you would like to make contact with your students before […]


How do I view my class schedule in BannerWeb?

After you have logged into BannerWeb, click the “Student Records & Registration” link. Then, select the “Registration” link to get to one of two versions of your class schedule: “Student Schedule by Day & Time” or “Student Detail Schedule”.


How do I view my Grades or Unofficial Transcripts online?

You can view your graded coursework in BannerWeb by going to Student Records & Registration < Student Records < Academic Transcript.


How do I access BannerWeb?

1. Go to the BannerWeb site. You can also find the link on the Middlebury Institute Home Page: go to the Quick Links section in the bottom righthand corner of the page and select BannerWeb.   2. You will be prompted for your User ID and PIN to enter the […]

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