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How do I access (log into) my MIIS email?

Go to mail.middlebury.edu to log into your MIIS email account.















Login with your middlebury.edu email address, which is the same as your miis.edu address.  Just replace miis.edu with middlebury.edu.  Use the same password you currently have.

It should redirect you to a Middlebury login page.  If not click this link https://outlook.com/owa/middlebury.edu.















Enter your Middlebury email address (username@middlebury.edu). Do not use ‘@miis.edu’ for your email address.  Then enter your current email password. If you haven’t set up, or you forgot your password, PLEASE READ how to activate (or reset) your password.

When you successfully log into your Middlebury email account for the first time, it will ask you to choose a time zone. We are in Pacific Time Zone (UTC-7)

How can I add more space to my MIIS email?

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources of Google to allot additional space for all who ask. We encourage people to manage their email by removing or archiving.

Here are instructions on how to create a storage folder in Outlook 2010 for Windows, to which one can move messages out of the quota space but still have them available in outlook.

Here’s a good resource for Mac Outlook 2011. These two methods demand minimal attention to filing and decision-making.

Please contact or visit the ITS Helpdesk if you would like assistance with archiving your MIIS email.

How do I reset my MIIS email password?

If your MIIS Wifi or email has suddenly stopped working, you’ve come to the right place! Every 6 months, you must reset your MIIS email password for security reasons.

1. Go to http://go.middlebury.edu/activate. Here you will need to enter your 8-digit Student ID number and your 6-digit BannerWeb PIN. If are unsure about your ID and PIN, click here.


2. Once you’ve entered your ID and PIN, you will be asked to read and agree with the Statement of Responsible Computing. Click Agree and Submit.


3. On this next page, you can reset your password. Keep in mind that you can use a slight variation of your old password so your new password will be easy to remember. (For example, you could switch from Monterey1! to Monterey.2)
**Pay close attention to the character requirements for passwords! You must use at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character
. If you do not enter this properly, you will not be able to set a new password.


4. Please be sure to write down your new password and store it in a safe place! You will need this new password for on-campus Wifi, printing, and accessing computers in the library, labs, etc.  If you forget your password, you can reset it at any time using the same site.

5. Keep in mind that you will need to update your password on all of your other devices (smartphone, tablet, etc). Your email username and password are the same for your on-campus Wifi. After you change your password, the old password stored on your computer for the MIIS Wifi will need to be changed as well. Come to the ITS Help Desk (CF 320) if you need help accessing Wifi after changing your password.

How do I set up Outlook on Windows 8 Laptops and Tablets

To set up the Outlook Desktop Client (not Webmail/OWA) you should be able to use the Auto-configuration steps.

(You might need to first click ‘Manual’ then switch back to ‘E-Mail/auto’ for the fields to become fillable.

Outlook Auto-config



After clicking ‘Finish’ you should see a second login window.  This is normal.

You must select “other user” and enter your username with the “midd\”prefix and password.

Outlook Login Window



Check “Remember my credentials” and click OK.  You should then see your email begin to copy over.

At this point you are finished.



Manual Configuration – Use the steps below ONLY if the above does not work for you.

These steps should work for MS Office 2013 and Office 365.  For older versions of Office please see our Office 2010 setup guide.  The following screenshots were taken from Outlook 2013 but may also apply to the Windows Mail client.

If you have not set up your Email account, you will first need to do so at the Network Activation Page.

1. Launch Outlook or your Windows Mail program.


2. Choose Manual setup.


3. Choose Exchange.


4. Enter Server as mail.middlebury.edu and enter your username.

Update: due to the latest Exchange server upgrade, mail.middlebury.edu will not work as the server name.  

You will need to contact the MIIS Helpdesk to obtain a unique ID to enter into this field.


5. Choose “More Settings”


6. Select “Exchange Proxy Settings”


7. Enter the Connection settings as follows.


8. Finish and Say OK.


9. At the login window, be sure to add the “midd\” prefix to your username.


10. Your emails should copy over from the Exchange server.



How do I add my MIIS email account to my iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

For the best results, we recommend that you update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to the latest iOS. At this time, the latest is iOS 8. For more information on updating your Apple products, please refer to its support article.

Following the steps below will help you set up your MIIS email on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. We have included screenshots from setup on an iPad, but the process is the same for the other two devices.

1. Go to the “Settings” menu.

2. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”

3. Select “Add Account…”

4. Select “Microsoft Exchange.”

5. Enter your email address and password. (Note: Use @middlebury.edu for your email address.) For description, enter a name for your account to be displayed in your mailbox. We recommend using “MIIS”

6. Hit “Next.” If a dialog box may appear stating that it “Cannot verify the Server Identity”  Just hit “Continue.”

7. Now comes the important part. You need to enter specific information. In the Server field, enter “outlook.office365.com.” In the Domain field, enter “middlebury.edu”

8. Hit “Next,” and you will have the option of selecting which items you would like to sync to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Select as many as you would like. **Unless you keep an up-to-date list of contacts in Outlook, you should not synchronize contacts because your existing contacts on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will be deleted. The same goes for your calendar. If you use your device’s calendar to organize your schedule, you should not synchronize your calendar.
Thank you for reading! If you have any further questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at helpdesk@miis.edu or (831) 647-6656, or come visit us on campus in Casa Fuente 320.

How do I access my @miis.edu email?

The easiest way to access your email account is to use your web browser to access the email server directly at http://mail.middlebury.edu. The Outlook Web Access interface includes many basic and intermediate mail functions and performs very well over the Internet. Best results are found using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but you can use other web browsers like FireFox, Safari or Chrome, etc. Results with these other browsers may vary.

To log into your email, use your email user ID, typically your first initial and last name.

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