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How can I set up a private 1-1 (professor-student) dialogue exchange in Moodle?

“I would like for the students to post their interpretations, journals and comments and for me to be able to give my individual feedback without the whole class knowing. As of now, I use Forum, but all students are able to see the content there.”

To create a private and individualized document and feedback exchange with students you can try the Forum + Separate Groups Approach described here.


Why can’t students post to discussion forum in my iLearn course?

Discussion Forum postings may be blocked due to Group Settings in your iLearn course.


How do I delete the News Forum that comes standard in my Moodle course?

According to Moodle.org, permanently deleting the news forum takes two steps:
1) Go to course settings and set the number of ‘news items to show’ to 0; Save this setting.
2) Return to the course home page and delete the news forum.


How do I insert a label for an audio file in Moodle?

Click “Add a resource” drop down menu, selection “Insert a Label”


What should I do if my students cannot view a videoclip properly using Moodle?

The student probably did not have Quicktime player installed on their computer.


What should I do if students are being kicked out of my Moodle course?

Check “Settings” under “Administration Panel”


What should I do if Moodle’s message system does not seem to function?

If the message system doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly, then the student has probably not configured his/her profile to include the full e- mail address.


How can students publish Moodle blog posts or keep them private?

Select “Participants” then “Blogs”, look below the main text box for a menu item “Publish to ..”


How do I overwrite an existing resource in Moodle?

Go to the resource you want to replace, click on “Edit”.


How do I embed a Google map in Moodle? How about a video?

Go to “Add a resource” drop down menu, and select “Add a Label”.

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