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How can I print wirelessly from my Mac?

This article applies only to Faculty and Staff printers. Students must use the Web Print feature in Papercut to print wirelessly to a Print Release Station. To connect to a Faculty or Staff printer, please identify the location and model number of the copier.  We currently use Canon and Kyocera printers […]

How do I connect my Windows PC to a Campus Printer?

How do I connect my Windows PC to a Campus Printer?

Note: This article applies only to MIIS and Middlebury owned network PC’s.  We do not connect Student laptops to Faculty and Staff printers. 1. Go to the Windows “Start” menu.  (The circular button on the bottom left) 2. Type \\seaotter in the Search Box. 3. Press Enter. 4. Double click […]


How can I get a refund in Papercut?

1. Log into Papercut and find the “Recent Print Jobs” tab. 2. Under Status, select “Request Refund” 3. Enter a Reason for Request and click “Send” We try to process refunds on a monthly basis. Contact the MIIS Helpdesk if you have problems with your refund.


How do I print from a laptop to a campus printer?

Students must use the Papercut print management system to print on the MIIS campus. This post gives you background on the process and steps to print from a laptop. To a download a quick reference, right-click the  links below: Macintosh  Laptop Print Setup Windows Laptop Print  Setup To print to […]


Where on campus can I print color copies?

Office Services offers color copying/printing for the entire campus but cannot use the individual staff/faculty or student copy codes, only department codes.

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