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Signing up for an Advising Appointment in Zócalo

            Should you need to meet with your advisor for an appointment, please log into Zócalo and follow these easy steps: 1.    Go to: “Advising Appointments;” 2.    Click again on the next “Advising Appointments” tab that appears; 3.    Under “1. Set your Scheduling Criteria,” Choose […]


Saving your “Favorites” in Zócalo

This article is for students and alumni using Zócalo. Say you’re tooling around in Zócalo, clicking through employer records, and you find an organization you’ve never heard of that looks interesting. You’re delighted to find that many of the organization listings you’re looking at have robust profiles, and all contain […]


Adding a Job Search Agent in Zócalo

This article is for students and alumni seeking job, internship and fellowship information from Zócalo. When you create a job search agent in Zócalo, an email will be sent to you whenever a new job comes in that meets your search criteria. You can also schedule your search agent to […]


Adding Positions in Zócalo

This post contains step-by-step instructions on how to enter employers, contacts, jobs, internships and fellowships into Zócalo. This post was written for staff and graduate assistants with Manager access to the Zócalo system. Logging In: Go to: https://miis-csm.symplicity.com/manager/; Enter your username and password (please remember to change your default password […]


How do I log into Zócalo?

Current students will use their exchange (email) login and passwords to gain access to Zócalo. Your user name is everything before the @miis.edu in your email address and your password is exactly the same password as your email password.  If you have trouble accessing Zócalo it most likely because your […]

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