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How do I make my blog a page on my website?

First you will want to create a page and title it as your blog:           Once you have published this page.  Select Settings on the left tool bar and then select Reading.  Under Reading set the front page so that it displays a static page and select […]


How do I allow my posts to be shared?

Sharing blog posts are a great way to share content and draw readers to your blog. In order to do so you will have to install the ShareThis plugin. To do this select the Plugins from your left toolbar:                     Then […]


How do I manage comments on my blog?

Depending on your settings, you may have to approve comments to get them to display publicly when readers post them without logging in. It is important to manage comments to weed out spam. Check your settings by clicking Settings, and then Discussion. To enable prospective students, alumni, or anyone else […]


How do I activate and use the Mingle Forum plugin?

A forum is a good way to let readers leave general comments or questions that may not be relevant to specific blog posts or pages. Adding a forum to your blog is easy using the Mingle Forum plugin. What it looks like:                 […]


How do I activate a plug-in?

Plugins are tools that can extend the functionality of the blog. There are various plugins installed in the MIIS blogging community. Click Plugins in the left menu column and check the extensive list to see if any would be beneficial for your blog. Click Visit plugin site to check out […]


How do I link to other Blogs?

You can have a list of links to other blogs or relevant websites using the Links widget. The Korean blog has links to the MIIS language landing page and all the other MIIS language blogs:                     To use the Links widget, […]


How do I activate and manage my widgets?

The selection of pre-installed widgets depends on the theme you have chosen and the plugins that have been installed. In the left menu column, click Appearance, then Widgets. Then simply drag the widgets you want in your blog into the Sidebar on the right to activate them.       […]


How do I create Sub-Menus?

This is the menu for the Neosential theme:           You can create sub-menus by using the same click and drag technique used to re-order the menu items. Drag and drop the menu items left and right and make sure the sub-menu item is indented. In the […]


How do I customize my Menu Bar?

Each theme may have a menu that is different in terms of where it is located and what it looks like. To customize the menu, click Appearance, and then Menu.                       You can have more than one menu but some […]


How do I create a page?

You can create pages containing information other than regular blog posts (i.e. FAQs, helpful information about housing and transportation in Monterey, information about faculty, etc.). You will then make these pages visible by adding them to the Main Menu. To create a new page, Click Pages from the left menu […]

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