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How do I view my class schedule in BannerWeb?

To access your class schedule and information, navigate through the following pages in BannerWeb.

1. From the Main Menu, select Student Records & Registration.home_screen

2. Then choose Registration.records & registration

3. There are several options to view your schedule.

Concise Student Schedule: A concise listing of all courses, locations, professors, dates, etc.

Student Detail Schedule: A very detailed listing of all courses, locations, professors, dates, etc. (*Just a word of caution: This option is less printer-friendly, using several pages).

Week at a Glance – Schedule by Day & Time: Your schedule listed in a “time block” format, week by week.

If you choose Schedule by Day & Time, you must enter a date within the term of classes. For example, 08/27/2014 in this format. When you click Submit, it will bring up a weekly calendar layout for you to view by week. Use Next Week or Previous Week to view alternate weeks within the term.

Where can I find Moodle courses from previous semesters?

Completed Moodle courses are archived for two years on the Moodle server for the current academic year plus one (1) year prior.  Use the Search Courses feature to look for your archived course.

Enter a combination of relevant course information in the “Search Coursesto locate the course in the archives.

moodle search window

For Example:

  • 4 letter program abbreviation (e.g., IMGT)
  • 4 digit Course # (e.g., 8555)
  • academic term and year (e.g., FA10, SP11, SU11) and/or
  • keywords in the course title (e.g., Environmental Economics)

Courses older than two years are removed from the site.  Students looking to access older courses should contact their professor.  Faculty wanting to save their courses older than one year need to back them up and keep a local copy.

  • Course removal occurs once a year, in the month of July.
  • Reminders will be sent prior to the end of Spring semester regarding summer maintenance.

This schedule only pertains to semester-based courses and not to departments or programs with ongoing resources in Moodle.

How do I give students access to my Moodle course?

Detailed instructions (text-only)

For access problems, individual students should contact the IT Help Desk at 831-647-6656.

The least labor-intensive approach for faculty members is to have students self-enroll in their course Moodle pages. In order to do this, they will need to know two things:

  • where the course is located (a web address), and
  • your enrollment key (if you are using this feature to restrict access to the course).



1. On the first day of class, show the students how to navigate to the course from the main ilearn.miis.edu home page, by clicking through the various menus (select semester > then disciplinary category / program (if applicable), etc)


2. Go to the main page of your course, and copy the URL (web address) that is located at the top of your browser so that it can be shared electronically.


3. If you are using an enrollment key and have forgotten it, go to the ADMINISTRATION panel, normally located on the left-hand side of your course page, and click on SETTINGS. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page, and look for “enrollment key.” Note that it is case sensitive (upper/lower case).

Distribute this information to your students as you choose:

  • on the first day of class
  • in an e-mail
  • via a list at your departmental front desk
  • etc.

A sample e-mail message / class handout follows (to be modified as needed):

ACCESSING our course website [copy and paste for faculty messaging to class]

Dear students,

To access our course website, go to the Institute’s iLearn course management system (Moodle), which is located at http://ilearn.miis.edu

You will need the following two pieces of information:

  • where the course is located (a web address), and
  • the course enrollment key (a one-time passward that restricts access).

Step 1: LOCATE the course website (three options)

1. Open a web browser (Firefox is recommended, Internet Explorer will work) and go to the following URL – the web address for our course: [insert link to your course here] __________________________________________

2. OR, select the course category for our program from the list on the homepage, http://ilearn.miis.edu. After clicking on current academic term ( and additional academic categories), scroll through the list of courses and click on the title for our course.

3. OR, use the COURSE SEARCH field in COURSES drop down menu at the top of iLearn. Enter our course number to locate it.

Step 2: Enter the ENROLLMENT KEY

The very first time that you try to access the course (and the first time ONLY) you may be asked to enter an “enrollment key”. This one-time step prevents others from accessing, and keeps our discussions and materials private.

The enrollment key for our course is: _____________________

Note that course “enrollment” via Moodle has no connection to the MIIS Records Office (it simply adds you as a participant who can access the course site).

How do I use the blocks feature to supplement my Moodle course?

View version with full-color screenshots.

Blocks are optional elements that appear in the narrow columns to the right and left of the main topics/weeks. They contain supplemental material for course participants.

1. Turn editing on. (button in the top right-hand corner of main course page)

Courses are set up by default to have blocks on the far right and far left columns of the main course page.

2. Blocks can be moved up or down or to the other side of the page using the arrow icons.

3. Clicking the red X (when editing is turned on) will delete the block.

4. Clicking the eye icon (when editing is turned on) will show or hide the block from student view.

5. To ADD a block – choose Add… from the drop down menu and select the block you want to add.

(The default position for the Add menu is at the very bottom right hand corner of the Moodle)

Once you click the block you want it will appear in your Moodle. You can then move it or hide it.

Typically the most used blocks are:

  • Calendar
  • Course/site description
  • Latest news
  • Recent activity
  • Messages
  • Section links
  • Online users
  • Upcoming events

Additional resources on other (non-MIIS) sites

Moodle Docs – Blocks

Carleton College – Blocks

How do I change or update my basic course settings in Moodle?

On your course page, go to the Administration block on the left side of the page. Then click on “Settings”.


  1. You can edit your course name. However, please use the naming convention for uniformity and archiving purposes.
    • Full name: AR 8460 SP09 Business Arabic
    • Short name: AR 8460 SP09
  2. You can edit the course summary to give your students an Idea of what the course is about (maximum 1-2 sentences). You may also leave this blank.
  3. Choose/change the basic format of your course
    • Weekly
    • Topics

    Screen shot 2010-02-10 at 10.44.06 AM
    Choose the TOPICS format if you want more flexibility to organize your course by specific types of content (or topics), or to put in specific course days (Mon, Sept 15th).

    Choose the WEEKLY format if you want Moodle to automatically organize your materials week by week. Moodle will automatically show the dates for an entire week in each section. If you choose Weekly Format, changing the starting course date under Settings will change the dates that appear on your course page.

    tip TIP: If you are teaching a weekend workshop or are creating a general resource site choose the TOPICS format.

  4. The rest of the settings can remain as they are (using the default settings).
  5. Change, remove, or double-check your Enrollment Key at the bottom of the page.
  6. Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the Settings page when you are done.

Additional (non-MIIS) Resources

Moodle Docs – Course Settings

How do I request a roll-over for a Moodle course from a previous semester?

[updated May 2013]

1. Submit your roll-over request via the miis.edu webform. Direct link to the form available online here: http://www.miis.edu/offices/it/help/ilearn-rollover

iLearn Rollover Request Form

2. Complete the data fields on the online request form for each course you want to rollover:

  • Instructor first and last name, e-mail address
  • Course Dept Code, Number and Title for the course you want to rollover
  • Semester the course will be recovered from
  • Semester the new course will be used
  • Other notes we should have about the course

3. Click “Submit” to complete your request.  Allow at least 3-5 working days for your request to be fulfilled by ITS Help Desk.

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