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How do I view my class schedule in BannerWeb?

After you have logged into BannerWeb, click the “Student Records & Registration” link. Then, select the “Registration” link to get to one of two versions of your class schedule: “Student Schedule by Day & Time” or “Student Detail Schedule”.


Where can I find Moodle courses from previous semesters?

Completed Moodle courses are archived for two years on the Moodle server for the current academic year plus one (1) year prior. Use the Search Courses feature to look for your archived course.


How do I give students access to my Moodle course?

In order to access your Moodle course, participants will need to browse for the course by program and course title from the home page of the MIIS iLearn site. They will also need the enrollment key (if the faculty member chose to use one for the course). Some faculty choose to email the enrollment key to course participants before the course starts; others wait and provide it on the first day of class.


How do I use the blocks feature to supplement my Moodle course?

Blocks are small, optional items located in the narrower columns to the right and left of the main course topics/weeks. A variety of blocks can be added, such as a calendar, and list of recent news items, or embedded items from other sites (YouTube, etc). Blocks can be moved vertically and horizontally in the right- and left-hand side columns. To add a block, turn editing on and select a block from the “Add” drop box located in the Blocks section on the right-hand side of the course.


How do I change or update my basic course settings in Moodle?

Go to the administration panel (lefthand side of your course page), and click on “Settings”. Use the Settings page to edit your course name, course number, the layout format (weekly or topics), the course start date, the number of weeks or topics on your main course page, and view/change/delete the course enrollment key


How do I request a roll-over for a Moodle course from a previous semester?

1. Submit your roll-over request in the Course Request form on the iLearn site. Direct link to the iLearn course request form

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