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R & R Commander basics

To load data from .rda file: Data –> Load data set… To load data from other files: Data –> Import data… –> select the proper file type To view a quick summary of the data: Statistics –> Summaries –> Active Data Set Statistics –> Summaries –> Numerical Summaries Here you see […]


What to do if your data is an absolute mess… in Excel

Use the “Text to Columns” function! Let’s say this is your data: Select the data you want to use…  Select “Delimited” for the file type. Click “Next” Select the proper delimiters for your data. For mine, I had Commas and Spaces. Click Next for more formatting options or click Finish. […]


How to make calculations in Excel

Average, Count, and Sum appear on the bottom of your window when you select 2 or more cells. *Note: On a PC, all three show up in a row; on a Mac, you can choose which one to see with the down arrow for the drop-down menu.  To get the sum of […]


How to sort and/or filter your data in Excel

If your data is a mess, you can easily sort in is ascending and descending order. You can also Filter it to show you only certain values. These two functions work both with numbers and text. For more information on Data Analysis tools, please visit The Commons Blog.

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