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How do I insert a label for an audio file in Moodle?

Click “Add a resource” drop down menu, selection “Insert a Label”


What should I do if my students cannot view a videoclip properly using Moodle?

The student probably did not have Quicktime player installed on their computer.


What should I do if students are being kicked out of my Moodle course?

Check “Settings” under “Administration Panel”


What should I do if Moodle’s message system does not seem to function?

If the message system doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly, then the student has probably not configured his/her profile to include the full e- mail address.


How can students publish Moodle blog posts or keep them private?

Select “Participants” then “Blogs”, look below the main text box for a menu item “Publish to ..”


How do I overwrite an existing resource in Moodle?

Go to the resource you want to replace, click on “Edit”.


How do I embed a Google map in Moodle? How about a video?

Go to “Add a resource” drop down menu, and select “Add a Label”.


How can I create a folder and display it on my main Moodle page?

Go to “Administration Panel”, click on “Files”.


How do I use the message system on Moodle?

Go to “Participants”, select the participant and click on “Send message” at the bottom of their profile.


How do I type accents on Moodle?

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