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How do I embed a Prezi presentation in a blog post?

Please follow the steps below to activate the Prezi plugin and embed a prezi into your blog: 1. Log into your blog and access the dashboard. Once in the dashboard you will find a menu on the left hand side and you will find the Plugins menu. Click on the […]


How do I embed a Google map in Moodle? How about a video?

Go to “Add a resource” drop down menu, and select “Add a Label”.


How do I embed a video in Moodle?

This is used to embed a video into your Moodle site instead of having the students click on a link to open up another window like YouTube. They can watch the video right from the Moodle site by clicking on the arrow in the middle. Step-by-Step Click the Add a […]


How do I upload a photo or document file in Drupal?

You can upload files to your Files (hidden) area by clicking “Add” in the Edit Console and then choosing “File upload”.


How do I insert a link using Drupal?

You can insert a link into your Drupal pages using the “Insert/edit link” button.


How do I insert an image within the Body or Sidebar area of a Drupal webpage?

You can insert images in your Drupal pages using the “Insert file upload” button.


How do I embed a video using Drupal?

Videos can be pulled from just about anywhere on the web, including YouTube and MiddTube. The syntax for inserting videos is as follows: [video:URL width:value height:value align:value].

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