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I have pages and pages of file uploads on my “Files (hidden)” page; is there a better way to organize these?

You can create multiple Files subpages to keep your Drupal files organized as you see fit.


How do I insert a file using Drupal?

After you have uploaded your file to the appropriate Files (hidden) area, you can insert it on a specific page using the “Insert file upload” button.


What’s the best place to upload a video file for sharing?

There are a number of options for video uploading. For open public sharing, the most common free services are YouTube and Vimeo. For more controlled sharing and privacy you can also try Midd Media, a flash media server hosted at Middlebury.


How do I add resources (Microsoft Word docs, PowerPoints, PDFs, audio files, etc.) to my Moodle course?

To add files (PDF, Word, PPT, mp3, etc.) to any given week/topic of your course, select “Link to a file or a web site” under the “Add a resource” drop-down menu located in the week/topic in which it belongs.


How do I upload a photo or document file in Drupal?

You can upload files to your Files (hidden) area by clicking “Add” in the Edit Console and then choosing “File upload”.


How do I upload a file to my blog?

You can upload files to your blog by clicking either icon next to “Add media” while you are editing a post or page. Accepted file types include the following: jpg jpeg png gif mp3 mov avi wmv midi mid pdf Please note the maximum file upload size is 1500 KB.

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