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How do I make a Prezi presentation a video and do a voice-over?

Have you tried using Presi? Have you wished you could upload it as a video onto YouTube? You sure can do this with a few extra steps. 1. Go to your Prezi editing screen and start your presentation. 2. Start your QuickTime Player and click on “File” then “New Screen […]


How do I detach audio from a movie clip and add it to another clip in iMovie 09?

This tutorial demonstrates how to separate the audio from one video clip and add it to another, separate video clip as a voiceover or background audio.  The video below demonstrates the use of this technique.  The video clip of me talking was recorded as a single file and I later […]


How do I upload my video project to YouTube using iMovie 09?

You can upload a video project to YouTube using iMovie’s “Share” menu.

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