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How Do I Add the Monterey Travel Calendar to my Windows or Mac Outlook

The Monterey Travel Calendar assists in keeping track of people going back and forth between Monterey and Middlebury. For Windows Outlook 2010 1. In Outlook, display the folder list by the clicking Folder List icon or the menu item in the lower section the left navigation menu. Additional folders display […]


How do I create a rule for spam messages in Webmail?

If you use Internet Explorer, you can set up a rule in Webmail to help remove spam from your inbox automatically.


How do I set up Microsoft Outlook 2003 for use with my MIIS email account?

Open the Windows Control Panel from the Start Menu. Within the Windows Control Panel open the Mail control panel. If no profiles exist, the Mail control panel displays the dialog box below: Click the Add button, type in the name Outlook, then click Ok. If a profile does exist, the […]

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