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How do I make a Prezi presentation a video and do a voice-over?

Have you tried using Presi?
Have you wished you could upload it as a video onto YouTube?
You sure can do this with a few extra steps.

1. Go to your Prezi editing screen and start your presentation.

2. Start your QuickTime Player and click on “File” then “New Screen Recording.”

3. Now, you see “Screen Recording” window/botton so go ahead and click on it.

4. You see this windows that’s making sure if you want to proceed. So go ahead and click “Start Recording.”

5. What’s happening now is that this is recording the whole screen. So go ahead and start moving your Prezi presentation.

6. When you are done, click on the “Stop Recording” botton you see on the top bar.

7. Now, your captured movie is saved on desktop so you can import it into iMovie and do a voice-over!

How do I embed a Prezi presentation in a blog post?

Please follow the steps below to activate the Prezi plugin and embed a prezi into your blog:

1. Log into your blog and access the dashboard. Once in the dashboard you will find a menu on the left hand side and you will find the Plugins menu. Click on the Plugins menu and you will be able to see the various plugins available for your blog.

2. Next, scroll down until you find the plugin entitled “Prezi Shortcode” and click on activate to turn it on.

3. After you finish your Prezi presentation, click the “Get link,” and get a code from your link.

4. You will copy the underlined portion of URL. You can ignore the “cloud-computing/” part.

5. Now all you have to do is to past your code, using the Prezi code with brackets. Make sure to add “/view/” at the end of your copied code. You final code should look like this.

6. Alternatively, you can modify the size of your presentation window using the following code.

[prezi width=”600″ height=”400″]http://prezi.com/smtekfcg8eeg/view/[/prezi]

7. A caveat. Don’t simply copy your presentation’s URL. If you use your entire URL between [prezi] brackets, it won’t show the presentation itself.

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