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How do I keep the spam server from blocking an email address

All incoming mail to our Microsoft Exchange email server first passes through a spam server from a company call Barracuda. You can log into the spam server with your email address and password to see, and adjust, your individual settings. This post show how to set up email addresses for […]


Why are my outgoing emails not being delivered?

There are several reasons why an email message may bounce/be rejected:

– if the message had an attachment that was not considered safe
– if the message had a URL that was not considered safe
– if the words in the body of the message appeared to be heavily spam-like
– if the message came from an address that was thought to be unsafe
– if the sender’s mail system was not considered safe


How can I fight Viagra spam in Outlook or webmail?

We’ve all been getting quite a bit of Viagra ads here on campus. Fortunately there’s an easy way to put it in its place…the trash. Here are instructions to create rules which will delete most of the current Viagra spam we are getting. These instructions are for Outlook 2003 or […]


How do I create a rule to block self-addressed spam in Outlook?

A very common form of spam we see is called backscatter, which is one of the hardest to block. This is mainly due to the sender of the spam being listed as you. Since you are “spamming yourself,” in theory, we need to create a rule to delete messages sent […]


How do I create a rule for spam messages in Webmail?

If you use Internet Explorer, you can set up a rule in Webmail to help remove spam from your inbox automatically.

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