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What should I do if my students cannot view a videoclip properly using Moodle?

The student probably did not have Quicktime player installed on their computer.


How do I embed a video in Moodle?

This is used to embed a video into your Moodle site instead of having the students click on a link to open up another window like YouTube. They can watch the video right from the Moodle site by clicking on the arrow in the middle. Step-by-Step Click the Add a […]


How can I enhance the audio quality of my video clip?

Follow the steps below to edit the audio quality on a .mov file with a little help from Quicktime Pro and Audacity. In Quicktime Pro, export sound the .wav file. Click “File,” then “Export.” Use the dropdown menu to choose “Export Sound to Wave.” Open the file in the Audacity. […]


What’s the best place to upload a video file for sharing?

There are a number of options for video uploading. For open public sharing, the most common free services are YouTube and Vimeo. For more controlled sharing and privacy you can also try Midd Media, a flash media server hosted at Middlebury.


How do I download YouTube videos with FireFox?

If you thought downloading YouTube videos in Safari was easy just wait until you try this cool new add-on for FireFox that allows you to download .flv files in the much more flexible .mp4 format. Go to Video DownloadHelper and select the appropriate version.  After it downloads, restart your FireFox browser. […]


How do I download videos from YouTube using Safari?

Downloading a movie from YouTube is easier than operating a microwave.  You don’t even need a YouTube account!  With just a internet browser (Safari in this case) and a few clicks you can watch your favorite, legal clips from your hard drive. However, before you start downloading, please review U.S. fair […]


How do I detach audio from a movie clip and add it to another clip in iMovie 09?

This tutorial demonstrates how to separate the audio from one video clip and add it to another, separate video clip as a voiceover or background audio.  The video below demonstrates the use of this technique.  The video clip of me talking was recorded as a single file and I later […]


How do I upload my video project to YouTube using iMovie 09?

You can upload a video project to YouTube using iMovie’s “Share” menu.


How do I embed a video using Drupal?

Videos can be pulled from just about anywhere on the web, including YouTube and MiddTube. The syntax for inserting videos is as follows: [video:URL width:value height:value align:value].

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