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How do I access (log into) my MIIS email?

If you are a new student at MIIS wondering how to access your MIIS email, this article will show you how simple and easy it is!

1. Always go to mail.middlebury.edu to log into your MIIS email account.


2. Under “User name,” enter your MIIS username (i.e. alicep). Do not enter a full MIIS email address (i.e. alicep@miis.edu). Under “Password,” simply put in your MIIS email password. If you haven’t set up (or completely forgot) your password yet, click here to read instructions on how to activate (or reset) yours.

3. When you successfully log into your MIIS email account for the first time, it will ask you to choose a time zone. We are in Pacific Time Zone (UTC-7).


How can I fight Viagra spam in Outlook or webmail?

We’ve all been getting quite a bit of Viagra ads here on campus. Fortunately there’s an easy way to put it in its place…the trash. Here are instructions to create rules which will delete most of the current Viagra spam we are getting.

These instructions are for Outlook 2003 or 2007 users.

If you use other means to manage your MIIS email (Mac, Entourage, MIIS to Gmail), these instructions show you how to set up the rule via webmail.

How do I create a rule for spam messages in Webmail?

Note: This feature of Webmail is only available in Microsoft Internet Explorer; Safari and Firefox browsers have this option disabled.

  1. Go to Options tab on the top right corner. Select “Rules” and then “New Rule”
  2. Select “If the message includes specific words”.   Check the box for “In the sender’s address” See example at the bottom of this article.
  3. Below is an example of how to augment a rule to filter messages with certain words in the subject line and message body.

    It is recommended to have messages sent to the Junk Folder rather than deleted — you never know if someone, by chance, might include the same word you’ve blocked from your Inbox.

  4. Be sure to save the rule once you are finished.

For spam messages that appear to come in addressed from yourself, the most effective rule is to Junk or Delete messages specifically from yourself TO yourself. In webmail, the rule should apply to messages from the SENDER’S ADDRESS. Here is an example of that rule.

How do I access my @miis.edu email?

The easiest way to access your email account is to use your web browser to access the email server directly at http://mail.middlebury.edu. The Outlook Web Access interface includes many basic and intermediate mail functions and performs very well over the Internet. Best results are found using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but you can use other web browsers like FireFox, Safari or Chrome, etc. Results with these other browsers may vary.

To log into your email, use your email user ID, typically your first initial and last name.

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