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How do I connect Windows 7 to the MIIS wireless?

Most of the time,to use the MIIS wireless network, all you need to do is the following: Click the Wireless Network Connection icon on the Taskbar. From the list of Wireless Network Connections, choose “miis” and click Connect. Enter your MIIS username and password (same as your email account). If […]


How to Install VirtualBox and Windows on your Mac

You can use Parallels, VMWare, Bootcamp or VirtualBox to run Windows on your Mac. This tutorial was written for VirtualBox, since it’s free and you don’t have to reboot your computer to access Windows (with Bootcamp you choose which OS you want to load at startup). Before you do anything […]


How do I print from a laptop to a campus printer?

6/27/11 **At this time the Webprint feature does not work on the iPad.  You must have a Windows or Macintosh computer to use web based printing** To a download a quick reference, right-click the  links below: Macintosh  Laptop Print Setup Windows Laptop Print  Setup To print to any Canon printer […]

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