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Signing up for an Advising Appointment in Zócalo







Should you need to meet with your advisor for an appointment, please log into Zócalo and follow these easy steps:

1.    Go to: “Advising Appointments;”
2.    Click again on the next “Advising Appointments” tab that appears;
3.    Under “1. Set your Scheduling Criteria,” Choose Counseling Type: Appointment, Phone or Skype;
4.    Check the box next to my name. Ignore the “Earliest Appointment” and “Latest Appointment” fields;
5.    Under “2. Click a Date and Time,” click on the date you would like to meet. Dates with availability will be highlighted and clickable;
6.    Click on your preferred time slot;
7.    Under “3. Submit Your Request,” check for accuracy. A quick note about the topic(s) you’d like to discuss in the “Additional Notes” field would be very helpful. If meeting by phone or Skype, please enter your contact info here;
8.    Click “Submit,” and you’re done!

Your appointment requests will be automatically approved. An email reminder will be sent from the system as soon as you hit “Submit.” You must submit an appointment request at least one hour before the time you hope to meet. The system will only allow cancellations no less than one hour before a scheduled meeting.

Saving your “Favorites” in Zócalo

This article is for students and alumni using Zócalo. Say you’re tooling around in Zócalo, clicking through employer records, and you find an organization you’ve never heard of that looks interesting. You’re delighted to find that many of the organization listings you’re looking at have robust profiles, and all contain links to their websites. You don’t have much time to devote to your career research right now, but you’d like to explore more at a later date. What next?

It’s easy to save the employer as a “favorite.” You can then return to the Favorites tab in the Employer section at any time, where you’ll find a neatly organized list of organizations of interest.  We’ll start at the beginning of the process for those of you that are new to Zócalo:

1. Click on the Employers tab. Use the search fields to narrow down the list of organizations you’re reviewing. (ex.: Industry: Education: Higher Education, State: California will currently narrow the list down to 34 organizations.

2. When you find an organization of interest, click on the star to the right of the name. The star will become highlighted…

…and the organization will be added to your Favorites tab under Employers. From here, note that you can export your list to Excel (you can use this to track your networking efforts with these organizations!)

3. You can also save your “favorites” in the Jobs section with jobs, internships and fellowships!

Adding a Job Search Agent in Zócalo

This article is for students and alumni seeking job, internship and fellowship information from Zócalo. When you create a job search agent in Zócalo, an email will be sent to you whenever a new job comes in that meets your search criteria. You can also schedule your search agent to run as frequently as you would like. Here’s how it works:

  1. After logging in to Zócalo, click on Jobs and then click on the Advanced Search tab.
  2. Click on the checkbox next to Save As and give your search a name.
  3. To begin with, you may want to ask your search agent to give you all jobs posted within the last 30 days.

Search Criteria:

  1. In developing your search criteria, you may want to play around a bit. Use the keyword search field if there’s a particular employer you’re interested in, for example. The keyword field searches multiple fields in both the job and employer records. You do not need to include commas or Boolean search terms between words. If you’re looking for a phrase, use quotation marks around the phrase (i.e. “sustainable development” or “United Nations”)
  2. In the Industry field, you can multiselect various industries (i.e. Language Services and Language Teaching). You can multiselect by holding down the CTRL key while making your selections on a PC, or by using the CMD key on Macs.
  3. If you use BOTH the keyword search field and the Industry field, your results will consist of only those jobs that contain one of your keywords AND one or more of the industries you’ve selected (i.e. “Language Line” AND Language Services AND/OR Language Teaching).
  4. Select Position Type and location criteria, if any. The “Jobs located within: miles of zip code:” field works as long as the City and State have been entered in the job posting (this isn’t always the case!), so this may be something to play around with.
  5. The other fields listed aren’t really used in our system.

Next Steps:

  1. Click Submit. You’ll be taken to the Search Results tab, where you can click on the job title to be taken directly to the position description.
  2. Your search agent will now be saved under the Search Agents tab. From here you can edit, schedule, run or delete your search agent(s).
  3. To edit: after clicking on the edit button, be sure to click on Save As button, or your changes will not be saved. Make your changes and hit Submit.
  4. To schedule: If you would rather receive your job update emails in a daily, weekly or monthly digest, rather than every time a new job comes in, click on Schedule. In the field entitled Enabled on the new screen that appears, click Yes. By filling in the Period and Multiple field, you can customize the frequency of your emails (ex. every 2 days, or every 3 months (not recommended!)) You can also choose to only see new results or to receive everything that is currently “live” in the system.
  5. Happy job and internship hunting!
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