Amy Marcus – Language Learning – The Way to Go (French, Italian, some Spanish and some Hindi)

International Education Management, Master of Public Administration, Student Stories

Story taken from interview with Amy, IEM/MPA, ’18; Written by K.Throgmorton

Amy’s language journey started when she was very young and has only grown as her passion for language has developed and matured. As a kindergartener, her Waldorf teachers told stories in both German and Japanese. Growing up in Hawaii, different languages surrounded young Amy as she learned to navigate the world of language and culture exchange and human connection in a place geographically isolated from the rest of the world. At Punahou High School, she found more language-learning opportunities and Amy began learning French. Learning the language brought with it insight into French culture, which she cultivated through books and different travel opportunities.

Francesca Aka – Breaking Down Barriers Through Multilingualism (French, Italian, Spanish, English)

Master of Public Administration, Student Stories

Story taken from interview with Francesca Aka, MPA, ’18; Written by K.Throgmorton

fran-3Growing up a ‘third culture kid,’ Francesca learned quickly how to adapt to new places and new people. Francesca describes being a third culture kid as being a bridge between cultures. She navigates her family culture and the dominant culture of wherever she is. As far as her culture goes, she says she sometimes picks and chooses different parts of other cultures she’s come to know to form her own version of each. She accepts some and rejects some part of each culture she identifies with as she tries to find the best way to navigate social interactions. Lo que no mata fortalece. She does not identify with 100% of any single culture but finds a way to bridge multiple.