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Miranda Meyer – Spanish and Me: A Love/Hate Relationship (Spanish)

Story written by Miranda Meyer, IEM/MPA, ’18

Spanish and I have a love/hate relationship. Some days I absolutely love listening to it, speaking it, and thinking about it. Other days, I struggle to come up with words, my pronunciation is terrible, and if I hear one more song in Spanish I want to scream.

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Francesca Aka – Breaking Down Barriers Through Multilingualism (French, Italian, Spanish, English)

Story taken from interview with Francesca Aka, MPA, ’18; Written by K.Throgmorton

fran-3Growing up a ‘third culture kid,’ Francesca learned quickly how to adapt to new places and new people. Francesca describes being a third culture kid as being a bridge between cultures. She navigates her family culture and the dominant culture of wherever she is. As far as her culture goes, she says she sometimes picks and chooses different parts of other cultures she’s come to know to form her own version of each. She accepts some and rejects some part of each culture she identifies with as she tries to find the best way to navigate social interactions. Lo que no mata fortalece. She does not identify with 100% of any single culture but finds a way to bridge multiple. Continue reading

Christina Lukeman – Taking Chances, Making Changes (Spanish, Mandarin Chinese)



Story taken from interview with Christina Lukeman, MBA, ’17; Written by K.Throgmorton

Learning a language is humbling; it’s hard to do and takes time as well as dedication. When Christina talks about the languages she speaks and the learning process they require, she acknowledges just how awkward it can feel to start learning a new language.


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Merideth Bush – From Gringa to Gaijin (Spanish, Japanese)

Story by Merideth Bush, MPA, ’16

Spanish has always been an important presence in my life.  My mother lived as a medical missionary in Guatemala before marrying my father, so I became familiar with the language at a very young age.  I went on to major in Spanish in college, and then to travel abroad to Guatemala to study Spanish and volunteer with the same medical missions organization my mother had served with.  Determined to continue to develop my Spanish fluency, I moved to Chile to work as an English teacher after college and built a cozy life for myself there with a wonderful community of Chilean friends. Continue reading

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