Translation and Localization Management in the MIIS Community

Invitation to Alumni

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MIIS Lion is a student-run localization initiative that strives to give students practical experience with localization projects. Currently, we are involved in producing content for a number of pages on the MIIS website in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, and French. As you know, language quality is an important issue in the translation and localization industry, and we want to ensure that our teams are producing professional quality content.

Therefore, we are inviting MIIS alumni to participate in our current project by volunteering to edit four web pages of student-produced content in their respective languages. Our teams will implement alumni feedback, and then the pages will be published on the school website.

For more information and to volunteer for this small, but important project, please send me a message via my LinkedIn profile.

Additionally, we invite all MIIS alumni to participate in our localization networking groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+.

A Spanish TLM page on the MIIS website


Back in full swing

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After a fantastic summer full of internships and fun, MIIS Lion is back up and running at full speed. Here are a few key updates about what we’ve been up to since school resumed this Fall.

  • Organization and staff – We are fully staffed this semester with at least one project manager for each target language. Our largest team is the Chinese group, which consists of several project managers and many translators, bloggers, researchers, etc.
  • New projects – This semester, our client wants to focus on marketing to various locales. Projects include creating multi-lingual content, conducting keyword research, video subtitling, and good, old-fashioned website localization.
  • New tools – We are currently exploring a partnership with Lingotek. Our site runs on Drupal, and Lingotek recently began supporting integration with Drupal. We are also investigating the possibility of using tools from Synble for some projects.
We are excited to have so many students participating this semester, and we hope the program continues to grow as we move forward.


Date and Location Change for Presention

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Date and Location have changed for the Project Management presentation next week!!!

NEW DATE: Thursday, May 5, 2011 (still 12:15 – 1:45pm)

See previous posts for event info (with updated date and location)!
Hope to see you there!


TLM Project Update

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Our student-run localization “company” is taking shape! Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Presented the idea to Professor Uwe Muegge and Dean Jourdenais
  • Put seven student project managers in place for the test project (one PM for each language)
  • We’ve selected Google Translator Toolkit as the tool for the test project
  • We’ve created a term base and a translation memory to be used on all MIIS projects
  • Project managers have been introduced to the workflow and QA procedures
  • Prepared the files for translation

The first project (localizing this page) will be initiated Wednesday morning. But this is only the beginning. We want as many TLM students as possible to be project managers as things move forward. Please stay tuned, and leave a comment or join the team to be more involved. We are in particular need of localization engineers, so please let us know if you have a basic understanding of html/css.


Digital Innovation Clinics at the DMC

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Want some practice being a project manager for web content management/consulting? Want to network at the same time?

The DMC’s digital innovation clinics offer just that type of opportunity – and they’d like to see some TLM students come help out!

Here’s a list of upcoming opportunities:

Wed. April 20, 1230p-1:30p: Aslan Media – Constituent Building & Fundraising (online and offline) with middle eastern and diaspora audiences, networks and beyond. (

Mon. April 25, 4p-5:45p: Team Peru & Of the Peace Foundation: online comms., networking and constituent building

Thurs. April 28, 12:30p-1:45p: (Not a “clinic” but good for professional development!) – Google Apps improving the way we work (MIIS alum visitor from Google Apps and enterprise team!) – Interaction session – please send DMC recs on which apps to go over and demo

Tues. May 3, 4p – 5:30p: Connect 123 & Website Improvements and social media strategy/comms. considerations in 4 different continents. (

Visit the DMC or contact to get involved! (This is in addition to our TLM Start-Up.)


Upcoming Event: PM in the U.S. Government

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PM in the U.S. Government

WHO: Danielle Chmielewski (1st year TLM French/English candidate) will present an ongoing research project entitled “Stakeholders’ Role in Federal Project Management.” This presentation was previously given at the Western Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting in Portland, Oregon on April 7th and aims to explore tactics and tools for successful project management in the U.S. Federal government.

WHAT: Presentation and discussion

WHEN: Thursday, May 5, 2011 / 12:15 – 1:45pm


FOR WHOM: TLM students interested in project management. MPA students also welcome!

Additional Info: Light finger-food (probably sushi and hummus-related goodies) and soda/juice will be provided. Please bring your own cups! (Brown-bag it if you’d like something more substantial)


TILM blogging community

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We’ve made a few small updates to the site.

First, we added a blogroll with links to blogs about language and localization by MIIS students. We’d like to include everyone who wants to participate (T, T&I, TLM, etc.), so if you have a blog, let us know in a comment, and we’ll add you to the blogroll.

Second, we’ve added the option to subscribe to this blog via email. If you’d like to stay updated on TLM events and ideas, consider subscribing to have updates delivered right to your inbox. Check out this video to learn more about subscribing via Google Reader if you’d rather not subscribe via email.

The TILM dialog is starting to grow (check out realtime localization activity online here). Be a part of it by tweeting and blogging about your every day experiences at MIIS. Also, join the LinkedIn Group here.

Localization Realtime Search Results


Localization Lunch

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UPCOMING EVENT: Localization Lunch

WHEN: April 14, 12:15-1:45pm

WHAT: (Brief) presentation followed by a discussion. Light finger food and non-alcoholic beverages (water/soda/juice) will be provided, brown bag it if you prefer!

WHO: Tyler Smith (1st year, dual TLM, MBA candidate) will present on an idea to localize MIIS media – e.g. those YouTube videos that you watched before you got here. For this semester, it will/could be (an) extracurricular group project(s). Likely ongoing next year in this form at least initially. Come listen and give feedback and participate!!!!


FOR WHOM: MIIS translation and/or localization-interested students

Please bring your own cup!!!


New TLM blog

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The purpose of this blog is to provide a space where students from MIIS’s MATLM program can participate in conjunction with the Digital Media Commons to document, highlight, and discuss various aspects of the localization world.

Document – Student projects, internship experiences, etc.

Highlight – TLM alumni

Discuss – Ideas, suggestions for the program, collaboration with DMC, etc.

The most important part is student participation. Leave comments below if you’d like to be involved, or submit a post if you already have a good idea! The more contributions we have, the better!

Start contributing now by filling out this form.

Join the TLM LinkedIn group.

Check out my localization blog if you need some help getting the creative juices flowing.

PS: The title “Lovin’ Localization” is definitely not set in stone 😉