Web Strategy Meeting 01.12.12

Project Updates

Mobile Website

  • MIIS seal now downloads on iPhones
  • Blogs icon now appears on all devices
  • “Upcoming Events” now removed from iPad

Events Calendar

We’ll be transitioning over the summer to Middlebury’s calendaring system. Preview our test calendar. Departments will submit their event info through a webform to be scheduled on the public facing calendar.

Campus Map Update

by Anja Mondragon

  • Progress with SketchUp
  • Project Timeline
  • How to Contribute

Online Video Content Report

by Eric Morrow

  • Demographics report
  • Traffic sources report

New Buttons?

Drupal Taxonomy Review

  • Learn more about our taxonomy terms and what they’re used to accomplish.
  • CBE stories vs. Summer Fellows stories

Web Strategy Team Meeting 11.17.11


Now that we have both MiddMedia and YouTube as video servers, I think that we should make our YouTube presence solely a recruiting tool. Any informational videos for current students – such as “Graduating Student Sessions” – or other internal campus audiences can be hosted on MiddMedia.

Social Media

Please mark your calendars: Anna and I would like to reserve the week of December 5th to promote MontereySTART projects on Facebook and Twitter.

With so many people from various departments using our social media accounts, I’m wondering if we’re posting the most compelling stories. For example, on Twitter I not only post the news stories, but also student blogs, Communique stories, & YouTube videos. Maybe we could think about doing the same for Facebook?

Campus Map Presentation

“Careers by Field” Mock-up

Web Strategy Meeting 11.03.11

Intro to MiddMedia

  • Our own audio and video hosting platform, where we don’t have to worry about YouTube showing advertisements or making claims to our original content.
  • Anyone can log-in with their Midd username and password and receive 500MB of space automatically, with the option to upgrade.

Here’s why this might be useful:

Web Focus Group Results

Interesting Fact: only 50% of the students reported having mobile phones with access to the web. Otherwise, not much changed in terms of social networking: Everyone still uses Facebook and YouTube, with light usage of Twitter and uncertainty about Google+.

5 Bold Steps to Improve MIIS.edu

  • Review curriculum info for all programs
  • Review the financial aid webpages (and add photos?)
  • Update info about our integration with Middlebury
  • Revisit the “Be the Solution: Areas of Study” (for the big wigs)
  • Change “Community” to “Student Life” in the global navigation
  • Bonus Step: Check for broken links
  • Bonus Step 2: Re-create the campus map
  • Bonus Step 3: Watch out for that pesky error on faculty program pages

And the most important step of all

Come to the next web strategy meeting when we’ll have a working session to help everyone add perfectly cropped and sized photos to their webpages! Yay!

Web Strategy Meeting 10.06.11

Web & Social Media Updates

Do you have anything to share?

Student Web Focus Group Scheduled for 10.27

  • MIIS website feedback
  • How students use social media
  • What should our new mobile platform look like?

MontereySTART Call for Applications

The new MontereySTART micro-philanthropy site is ready for student applications. We’ve gotten interest from the Seaside Peace Resource Center project, Team El Salvador, Team Peru, and the Conflict Resolution Association – but we still need more student projects so that we can compete with Middlebury.

Digital Signs – Publicize Your Campus Events

  • Slides can be made in Keynote or Powerpoint (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Recommended font – Helvetica
  • Recommended colors – MIIS Web Colors
  • Please send the original Keynote or Powerpoint slide to rwalters@miis.edu in case there are any changes that need to be made.

More Blogging Community Updates

  • Thanks to our students, there are even more new themes
  • New “Share This” plug-in

Quick Drupal Review

  • Webforms – who can see submissions
  • How to create a new page

MIIS Around the World

Should we add new categories for stories? Most Recent, Stories by Field, Stories by Region, etc. Do you have any other ideas?

New Video: Quinn Campbell

Coming Soon

  • Intro to MiddMedia
  • MIIS Radio Update – goal to create 6 hours of original content by the end of October
  • New look for Careers

Web Strategy Meeting 09.22.11

Web & Social Media Strategy Headlines

Data Visualization!


We will host an open session for students who want to learn more about how to use this platform for their project fundraising efforts next Thursday September 29 at 12:30pm in “The Commons.”

MPA Landing Page Update

We’re almost ready to make the updates to the MPA program landing page live. You can check MPA’s new look on our dev site. Any suggestions on other programs that need a new look?

New “Blue” Template

We’re still working out the kinks, but this week the Frontier Market Scouts and Executive Education programs debuted a new MIIS web template, complete with a gallery slider on the landing page.

What do the blogging community updates mean to YOU?

  • New themes suggested by students. (You can also suggest themes to add to http://sites.miis.edu! Smashing Magazine provides specs on 100 of the latest free WordPress themes.
  • New plug-ins (such as Geo-Mashup, Facebook Like Box, & More Fields).
  • Lots of suggestions for potential bloggers on the “Get Started” and “Blogging Tips” pages.

Drupal Review: Adding Images to www.miis.edu

  • Image Optimization: A fancy term that highlights the fact it’s important to crop and resize your images before you upload them to the site. The recommended width for most photos is 240 pixels. If you need help with photo editing, it’s possible crop and resize your photos in only five minutes.
  • Before you upload your photos OR files to the site, please title them using ONLY lowercase letters with an underscore “_” between words. (Ex. “davis_fellowship_application”)

New Video: Jonah Leff