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Caye Caulker: Oddities and Awesomeness

Along with food, Lobsterfest came with a myriad of interesting activities, spectacles and past-times, all of which we were happy to partake in or at least observe.

I and I bar, if the Swiss Family Robinson had opened a bar on their little island I’m pretty sure it would’ve looked alot like this, minus the rastas. The swings were so sick!! (Please note in the background that the bartender is wearing hair curlers and a shower cap)

Hanging out at “the split,” a part of the island was cut off from the rest by a channel that developed from erosion and storms. It’s now known as “the split,” home to the Lazy Lizard bar where you don’t have to choose between swimming and drinking.

My favorite activity of the weekend was another greased pole challenge that involved climbing on top of one’s friends to try to reach a bottle of rum at the top of a pole. Helpful advice from the crowd included things like “Support his ass with your head!”

After 4 teams, and one mooning, a team finally met with success!

Remnants from the previous day’s challenge which included tying a bottle of rum to the end of this pole, then greasing it and watching contestants attempt to retrieve it.

We also stumbled upon several “punta” contests. Punta is the Garifuna style of dancing which involves rapid gyration from the hips down, we’ve been trying to keep up but it is quite a workout. Pictures can’t really capture the essence but I’ll try to get some more.

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