Water As I See It

Here is a collection of pictures pertaining to water that I have taken in my time here in Ethiopia. It’s a random assortment, but my hope is that it tells a story of the water situation here. I will continue to update this post as more pictures come along.  


Cramming my backpack for the last time on these soils, puts me in a reflective mood: 1)   Ripe clothing? Check! (With thanks to my daughters who shared their laundry tips with me: “If it can’t yet totally stand up on its own, and if you don’t see people risking their lives in the street to […]

Bagyo Glenda

Another exciting week has passed in the Philippines.  My sector, Coastal Resource Management, went on an excursion on Tuesday to Catalagan, Batangas.  We met the …

We’re Surfers

We’re Surfers. All of us. The only difference is what we’re surfing for. Some surf for peace, some surf for joy, some surfing for creativity, some surf to be cool, some surf for establishment, some surf against establishment, some surf … Continue reading


As this particular quest nears its end for me, it is far too easy to slip backwards down a channel of despair and resignation—the ultimate toilet bowl swirl. (Is anyone else detecting a theme here?) The struggles continue as they have since the Spanish conquistadores first landed in the 1500’s. The land theft and the […]

What rolls downhill, and rhymes with . . . ?

Every picture tells a story . . . .a picture’s worth a thousand words . . . . (Relax!  This is not about to become a graphic for the title of this piece.) When I shared with you the picture of the missing man, it was because it symbolized, for me, empty spaces occupied by gossamer hopes […]

The IPSS Experience: Jia Ren

The International Professional Semester Service (IPSS) program has provided hundreds of MIIS graduates with the opportunity to head start their professional career, while serving in an international organization as junior professional staff member.  Some fellows have even used the IPSS … Continue reading

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