DPMI 2017 Washington, DC reflections

26 participants successfully completed three-week Certificate in International Development and Social Change program on June 23, 2017. The participants constituted of United College Scholars, Middlebury Institute Students, and international development professionals. As a field visit, the participants got opportunities to visit several development organizations in DC and explore the trends in the development sector. Read […]

DPMI brings MIDD & MIIS students together in Washington, DC

25 participants gathered in Washington, DC in June 2017 for Certificate in International Development and Social Change, a professional graduate certificate program offered by Middlebury Institute for careers in program design, partnering, management, and Innovation(DPMI). The participants constituted of Middlebury College, MIIS students, UWC Scholars and International Development and social change practitioners. The DPMI program has been a big […]

I Love You, Always Will

I Love You, Always Will ‘I love you,’ I told Julian as he scooped up his bag and swung it over his shoulder, heading out the door. ‘I love you,’ he said, matter-of-factly, ‘Always will.’ I walked him to the door, kissed him goodbye, and bade him safe travels on…

Only a mile from MIIS

I may not have ended up in a tropical country this summer but my office in Heritage Harbor, only a few blocks from MIIS, is exactly the place to be for anyone interested in marine policy. Not only do we get picturesque views of the Monterey Harbor and surrounding bay, my office in the NOAA […]

Sustainability Across Borders

Hello from San Diego! Last week-end, I crossed the border and adventured to Baja. I was warned that entering Baja at Tijuana — a chaotic metropolis not without its own charms — can be jarring for first-time border-crossers. Yet, I didn’t expect to be struck by the lack of vegetarian options. In Tijuana, before taking […]

Navigating the Streets of Rome and Halls of the UN FAO

My first three weeks at the Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Rome have been all about meeting people, making connections and learning the ins and outs of this specialized agency of the United Nations. I am interning with the Blue Growth Initiative, housed within the Fisheries Department, which seeks to promote sustainable economic growth […]

All The Way To The Top

123 Mission street in the Financial district of San Francisco, floor #28, all the way to the top. Who would have thought I could end up here, but here I am, working for EDF (Environmental Defense Fund or in more recent years, just Environmental Defense). For those who may not know, EDF has been involved […]

Contradictions, Conservation, and the Complexities of Community-Based Management

Palau is a country of complex and striking contradictions. Newly constructed, glittering hotels tower above muddy, pothole-ridden streets. Private homes boast wifi hotspots but lack in-home access to potable water. Palauans take great pride in their identity as a nation of fishermen, yet often choose Spam or hamburgers over fish when given the choice. It is […]

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