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Undergraduate Interns Tackle Nonproliferation Issues

The annual Summer Undergraduate Nonproliferation Program offered by the Middlebury Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies welcomed 11 undergraduate interns and two Davis UWC Fellows from top U.S. universities.


Tourists in a moving metal box, cameras and boogie boards in hand. They’re ready to snorkel around America’s best beach 2016: Hanauma Bay. The fish there are spectacular and unafraid; bus people look uncomfortable. Whispers in Japanese, and German conversations around the intern in between. Getting dropped off means walking towards our office along the […]

IUCN, PCEG, CF, FLMMA, SPC, PIDF, BDM, DoFF and other acronyms……..

I’m challenging you to be uprooted, yes, it will be done, let’s turn them up side down. I’m ready, you think I’m afraid of you, you can’t break my defence. You’re only a hen, I’m the rooster, let’s fight and you’ll see. I don’t sleep and will watch you. My strength can reach the crushing […]


It is so crazy to look at a map and see where I am – in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by thousands of miles of deep blue. Just the way I like it! My first month in Hawaii has been wild, literally! Snorkeling with sea turtles, sailing with dolphins, watching insanely large […]

Blue light and a blue mind

It’s kinda crazy that the first month of my summer fellowship has already passed by! It’s been an interesting month for me that has definitely required flexibility. Original plans for departure have changed drastically due to the fact that the 2 communities I will be working in are predominantly Muslim and this month has been […]

Lizard Replaces Queen on Coin, and Other Wonderful News

It’s 11:23 A.M. I’m down to the dregs of my 5th cup of coffee, and I am wired. Intellectually I know that excess coffee leads to crippling anxiety and poor sleep, but there’s an intemperate devil on my shoulder whispering “Whatever! You’ll sleep when you’re dead, and you’re never gonna die!” So, with brain, skin, […]

Skill Print Workshop in Vermont!

The Digital Learning Commons from Monterey is leading a workshop in Middlebury, Vermont on Thursday, July 7, in collaboration with the Office of Organizational Development. It is being held at the Kirk Alumni Center. Sign up and

International Speaker Series: Bill McGibbins

I recently tabled for the World Affairs Council when Bill McGibbins gave his talk titled, “Climate Futures: Beyond Paris”. McKibben is a bestselling author and “the planet’s best green journalist” (TIME), and the founder of…

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