Kyle Burnett working with SEMRU in Ireland

Student Name:   Kyle Burnett Fellowship Organization:   SEMRU/NUI (Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit/National University of Ireland) Fellowship Location:  Galway, Ireland Dates of Fellowship:  June 4 – August 17, 2018 Description:  Kyle will be working on Marine Spatial Planning with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and the economic impact of seafloor resources.  Ecosystems provide a large range of benefits […]

Bryce Bray working with Conservation International in Hawaii

Student Name:   Bryce Bray Fellowship Organization:   Conservation International Fellowship Location:  Honolulu, HI, USA Dates of Fellowship:  June 7th – Aug 2nd, 2018 Description:   Marine management in the Coral Triangle has primarily been approached as an effort to conserve biological diversity and ecosystem health. However, wild caught fisheries are also vital to local food security and […]

Samuel Blakesley working with E2E Foundation in Colombia

Student Name: Samuel Blakesley Fellowship Organization: E2E Foundation Fellowship Location: Based in Medellin, Colombia. I will be working in Rincon Del Mar, Colombia. Dates of Fellowship: June 5th – August 15th, 2018 Description: I will be helping to protect and restore a degraded mangrove forest in Rincon Del Mar by using their carbon monitoring data […]

Jillian Acker working with OneReef in Indonesia

Student Name:   Jillian Acker Fellowship Organization:   OneReef Fellowship Location:  Bali, Indonesia Dates of Fellowship:  June 1- Aug 10, 2018 Brief Description:  Jillian will be developing economic models for coral reef conservation in Indonesia.  Specifically she will working: To identify the most effective economic models to be pursued by OneReef in three sites in Indonesia with […]


Episode 3 of MIIS Radio is an interview with Castelline Tilus, a MIIS Alumna who embodies what we do and why we do it. She embraced her Haitian identity, taking her incredible work ethic back to her home country to apply what she learned here on campus…

IEM Spotlight: Pilar Diaz de la Rubia

Pilar Diaz de la Rubia is a third semester International Education Management student completing her practicum with the Middlebury Schools Abroad in Madrid, Spain.  She is working on two projects: the Sede Prim and the International Education Management Spain Leapfrog Initiative. Tell me a little about your background and how you came to Middlebury Institute […]

Federal Emergency Management Agency Jobs and Internships Webinar: 4.19.18

Federal Emergency Management Agency Jobs and Internships Webinar Hosted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security When: Thursday, April 19, 2018 Time: 4 – 5 p.m. Eastern The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) invites you to participate in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Jobs and Internships Webinar from 4 – 5 p.m. Eastern on April […]

RIT-Kosovo’s Peace and Conflict Summer Program, June 24-July 27, 2018

Interested in Peace and Conflict? Don’t have summer plans? The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Peace and Conflict Summer Program might be a fit for you! RIT brings in senior policy makers and academics who blend practical and theoretical approaches to: countering violent extremism; conflict transformation; the background/context to the post-cold war regional conflicts (e.g., in […]

Immersive Learning Spotlight: Chelsea Lavalle, Boren Fellowship

Chelsea Lavalle is a 5th semester graduate student pursuing a dual degree in International Education Management (IEM) and Public Administration (MPA) at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) in Monterey, CA. Chelsea was awarded the Boren Fellowship in the Spring of 2017 and participated in the National Security Education Program. Under the Boren Fellowship, […]

Black History Month

[Disclaimer: The ideas, opinions and comments of this podcast do not represent the viewpoints of Middlebury Institute of International Studies-Monterey or Student Council and are solely the opinions of the individuals who participated in the podcast. I…

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