The Kids of Gonda Boya

It is impossible to take a picture of just one kid in a town in Ethiopia. Our site visit in the photo-hungry, kid-heavy village of Gonda Boya a few weeks ago made that clear. We spent July 14th trough 21st in the Harar area in Ethiopia’s dry Eastern region. Harar itself is an impressive city […]

Peaks and Valleys

I wrote this a few days before returning home, around August 3rd or so. It was meant to be a brief explanation of why I hadn’t posted a blog in awhile, and I feel like it is still worth mentioning before I start doing back posts about the past few weeks. The peaks and valleys, […]

Last days in Mexico City

As the fellowship on water conflicts is comming to an end, this week I have visited some places I haven’t been to and came back to my favorite sites of the city one last time. First I visited “La Villa – Basílica de Guadalupe”, where the virgin of Guadalupe is placed. I told you in […]

Job Openings in Policy Research and Data Analysis

Research Associate in Policy Studies, Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame seeks applications for the position of Research Associate in Policy Studies.  The Research Associate will work closely with the Director of Policy Studies at the Kroc Institute on research projects, curriculum […]

Women worthy of admiration

The power of women gets stronger when we join our forces and I have been able to check it during my experience in Mexico. In all the cases of water conflicts we found in Mexico, there were women fighting against injustice, threats, working to bring water to their homes, standing in the first row in […]

Going Home

I am sitting in the Frankfurt airport right now waiting to board my flight to Boston. There is certainly a lot to say as my time in Ethiopia ends, but I won’t be saying much of it right now since I have about ten minutes until my flight boards. I do have time to say […]

My Veggie Dilemma

    Three weeks ago was day 3 for interviews. A lovely and generously new friend offered to take us to the Akaki river, just outside of Addis. She has recently finished her MA and her focus of study was the water quality of the Akaki river. This river has vegetable farmers on it and […]

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