Beginning the inaugural Summer Peacebuilding Program!

The Center for Conflict Studies is gearing up for the opening reception of the inaugural Summer Peacebuilding Program here in Monterey. We are very excited to welcome 17 participants from all around the world to participate in three weeks of sessions, site visits, and research. Please follow us on Twitter @MIISCCS and on Facebook at […]

Are you ready for a challenge?

D-Prize is dedicated toward expanding access to poverty-alleviation solutions. While many solutions exist, the challenge is distributing these solutions to those who need them most. D-Prize challenges social entrepreneurs to develop better ways to distribute technologies and methods to improve people’s lives. D-Prize is awarding up to $20,000 to social entrepreneurs with the best solutions to specific […]

How I Got Here, & What I’m Doing

My summer at the State Coastal Conservancy started off with a whirlwind of events: meetings and workshops galore! The highlight from my first week had to have been the San Mateo County Vulnerability Assessment Kickoff which took place in Foster City and had Congresswoman Jackie Speier there as a speaker. If you’re not familiar with […]

Smile and maybe tomorrow…

Being back home in the past days, I already started to feel nostalgic about the amazing experience as a Peacebuilder Fellow in Honduras. I learned so many enriching things for my professional and personal life during my time there. One thing that fascinated me is how the country with the most violent city in the […]

Chautara: before and after photos

Just as new data usually carries more meaning when compared to a baseline, photos of sizable change are more meaningful when you also have an idea of what was there before. As such, this post will consist solely of… Read More

Chautara, once familiar

Chautara Bazaar is the first place I lived in Nepal along side my fellow batch of Peace Corps Trainees in the fall of 2012. It is a small bazaar, with approximately 10,000 residents,… Read More

Having the Craic in Ireland

Hello all! I am glad to report I am having the craic in Ireland this summer as a Center for Blue Economy Fellow. Just to clear up any misconceptions, no, I am not a drug user. Rather, having the craic (pronounced ‘crack’) is a common Irish turn-of-phrase that means having a great time. Just one […]

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