GSIPM Wins Photowings Grant! and is hiring!

GSIPM won a grant from Photowings for its “Bursting the Bubble: Fostering Connections between Community and Campus” project.  The project will aim to display art throughout Monterey County that depicts MIIS students involved in their local community.  At the center of the project is the MIIS Committee on Art in Public Places (CAPP), which is […]

Lessons Abroad Fuel a Career at Home

Middlebury Institute alumna Lena Robinson shares how lessons learned abroad fueled a career focused on improving access to capital and increasing investments for lower income communities and households in California.

East Asia Practicum Deadline Feb. 3rd

The East Asia Practicum offers students the chance to explore foreign policy, trade and security issues in a semester long seminar that will also travel to Beijing and Tokyo over spring break.  The course will be taught by Professors Akaha and Liang. Please email Prof. Liang to register by February 3rd. For more details, visit […]

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