Racism, and why the U.S. has a long way to go.

I grew up in a very interesting town. Despite its proximity to San Francisco, or its name (Castro Valley), there were still quite a few stark contrasts when it came to talking about race, religion, and diversity in general among my friends and myself. Sure we had a diverse school, with plenty of first generation students […]

DPMI DC: An East Coaster Returns Home

As soon as I heard about Design, Partnering Management and Innovation (DPMI), I knew I would apply. There was really no convincing necessary, except that I was pretty committed to joining the Washington, DC Cohort and completing the full three-week program. This was admittedly for the selfish reason of recharging on the east coast—since I’m […]

Prof. Akaha’s and Prof. Vassilieva’s Essay on Russia-Japan Relations

Professor Tsuneo Akaha (GSIPM) and Professor Anna Vassilieva (GSTILE) co-authored an essay on Russia-Japan relations based on their research into the evolving relations between the two countries. The essay, “Cause for optimism in Russia-Japan relations?” has been published on the East Asia Forum, Crawford School of Economics and Government, Australian National University, July 2016. Available at: […]

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