Alex Long working with the Mayor’s Office in Anchorage, Alaska

Alex is an “honorary fellow” meaning she is doing a super-cool summer project that we are helping to sponsor through the support of our generous donors.  She may not be posting blog updates here, but we wanted to mention her summer project.   MIIS students do great things! Student Name:  Alexandra Long Fellowship Organization:Mayor’s Office, Municipality […]

Oliviya Wyse working with Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust in Monterey

Student Name:   Oliviya Wyse Photo: Fellowship Organization:   Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust Fellowship Location:  Monterey, CA, USA Dates of Fellowship:  May 21st-Aug 10th, 2018 Description:   Oliviya will be defining traceability goals and needs for Monterey Bay fisheries and participants of the MBFT and develop recommendations for  programs that could meet MBFT needs.  Additionally, she will support […]

Eliana Olais working with Think Beyond Plastic in Honduras

Student Name:  Eliana Olais Fellowship Organization:  Think Beyond Plastic Fellowship Locations:  Carmel, California and the Bay Islands of Honduras Dates of Fellowship:  April 1-August 28 2018 Description:  Think Beyond Plastic’s MesoAmerican Reef Project is a scalable regional pilot investigation into how multiple layers of innovation can create the economic engine supporting systemic changes in the […]

Andrew McIntire working with OneREEF in Micronesia

Student Name:   Andrew McIntire Fellowship Organization:   OneREEF Fellowship Location:  Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia Dates of Fellowship:  June 1st-August 10, 2018 Description:   Andrew will be evaluating the effectiveness of the conservation enforcement officer program and providing training and advice to officers, working in conjunction with conservation enforcement officers, observing their actions and making recommendations for […]

Karl Larsen working with Think Beyond Plastics in Honduras

Student Name:  Karl Larsen Fellowship Organization:  Think Beyond Plastic Fellowship Locations:  Carmel, California and the Bay Islands of Honduras Fellowship Dates:  March 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018 Description:  I will be working with businesses on the Bay Islands to reduce the use of plastics, identify and promote plastic alternatives that businesses can adopt, and […]

Saba Ijadi working with Think Beyond Plastics in Honduras

Student Name:  Saba Ijadi Fellowship Organization:  Think Beyond Plastic Fellowship Location:  Carmel, California and the Bay Islands of Honduras Fellowship Dates:  April 04 – August 04, 2018 Description:  I will be finding policy solutions to marine plastic pollution on the Bay Islands of Honduras. Think Beyond Plastic is a global innovation accelerator working to address […]

Andrea Fisher working with NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries on the West Coast

Student Name:   Andrea Fisher Fellowship Organization:   NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries Fellowship Location:  Monterey, CA — traveling to 5 west coast sanctuaries Dates of Fellowship:  May 29 – August 24, 2018 Description:   I will be traveling to the 5 west coast National Marine Sanctuaries to conduct research regarding “sense of place,” or how people connect to […]

Nico DeGolia working with IUCN and WildAid in San Francisco

Student Name:   Nico DeGolia Fellowship Organizations:   IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) & WildAid Fellowship Locations:  San Francisco, CA  and Monterey, CA Dates of Fellowships:  May 21st-July 13th, 2018 at IUCN, and July 30th-Sept 30th, 2018 at WildAid Description:  For IUCN, Nico will be working on Deep Sea Mining Policy with the Fiji […]

Carlos-Henri Ferré working with Carbon Table in New York

Student name:  Carlos-Henri Ferré Fellowship Organization:  Carbon Table LLC Fellowship Location:  New Haven, CT; New York, NY, La Plata, MO; Monterey, CA Fellowship Dates:  May 30-August 15, 2018 Description:  Carlos-Henri is Researcher and Associate Producer for Carbon Kitchen, a docu-series focusing on the heroes engaged in regenerative agriculture and the chefs preparing beautiful, tasty food. […]

Kyle Burnett working with SEMRU in Ireland

Student Name:   Kyle Burnett Fellowship Organization:   SEMRU/NUI (Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit/National University of Ireland) Fellowship Location:  Galway, Ireland Dates of Fellowship:  June 4 – August 17, 2018 Description:  Kyle will be working on Marine Spatial Planning with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and the economic impact of seafloor resources.  Ecosystems provide a large range of benefits […]

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