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Making the Watershed Connection – by Michael Vincent McGinnis

Water Conflicts: A Commentary – by Ann Clarke

Water: A Catalyst for Conflict and Cooperation – by Robert C. Brears




  • From the Editor’s Desk

    From the Editor’s Desk

    by Kyrstie Lane, Managing Editor Water, a most basic necessity of human life, is taken for granted by many and yet is a source of great conflict for many others. As we continue to use and exploit our resources the whole world over, access to clean, fresh water becomes more and more difficult, and the habitats, species, and activities that depend on water are changed… Read More »
  • Pedagogy of Conflict

    Pedagogy of Conflict

    by Pushpa Iyer, Director One should have a thirst for knowledge – an oft-repeated refrain that graduate students are used to hearing. In the world of academia, not having a thirst for knowledge stagnates you both as a professional and as a person. It is impossible to be in the “business” of knowledge acquisition and dissemination, if one is not constantly seeking out new knowledge… Read More »
  • Making the Watershed Connection

    Making the Watershed Connection

    by Michael Vincent McGinnis A coastal wetland extends deep into a coastal plateau. Freshwater from the river meanders its way to the wetland, which provides habitat for wild salmon and other aquatic species. Nearly two-thirds of the threatened and endangered species listed in California depend on aquatic habitats some time during their life cycle. These species have survived long-term droughts in the past. But their survival today is… Read More »
  • Water Conflicts: A Commentary

    Water Conflicts: A Commentary

    by Ann Clarke When Apollo 17 astronauts viewed the Earth, they saw a bright “blue marble” in the vastness of space. More than 75 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Water is synonymous with life. Water is so essential to life, at least as we know it, that NASA and other international space agencies are “following the water” in search of evidence… Read More »
  • Water: A Catalyst for Conflict and Cooperation

    Water: A Catalyst for Conflict and Cooperation

    by Robert C. Brears By 2030, global demand for water is projected to outstrip supply by 40 percent as a result of numerous mega-trends including climate change, rapid economic and population growth, and urbanization. As such there is potential for water to become a catalyst for conflict between multiple users and uses. Conflict could occur inside nations with local water users competing for limited resources… Read More »
  • Cover Story: Water Tank Fashion

    Cover Story: Water Tank Fashion

    by Phoenix McLaughlin Yellow pants. When I look at that picture on the cover, my eyes struggle to move beyond the bright yellow pants. Who has pants like that? Nobody else that I know of. Anyone who wears those pants is clearly trying to make a statement, no matter what country you’re in. The country these pants happen to be in is Ethiopia. The pants… Read More »
  • Picks of the Quarter

    Picks of the Quarter

    by Raymond Aycock   Brazil Brazil’s Cantareira Reservoir System supplies water to the largest city, Sao Paulo, which is home to nearly 20 million people in the greater metro area. A severe drought has plagued the region this year, leading to a depletion of the reservoir system. In mid-October Sao Paulo’s water utility stated that the system is operating at only 3 percent of its… Read More »