Trade Conference on US – China Agriculture at MIIS


shanghai-hdr-bay-china-city-modern-port-stylish-768x1280It is with great enthusiasm that we extend to you a special invitation to attend this year’s TRADE CONFERENCE at the Monterey Institute of International Studies to be held on the MIIS campus Friday April 4, 2014. This is an amazing opportunity to be an active participant in the dialogue on key trade issues with China. We have assembled an amazing group of experts to interact with you and MIIS faculty throughout the day. The call for the conference is:


Conference AbstractU.S.-China trade in Agriculture is one of the most rapidly growing trade relations in the world.  As a result, it will be one of the most complex and potentially problematic economic relationships for the next decade.  It is a relationship for which economic statecraft and careful economic diplomacy will be critical to successful partnership.

This conference targets key issues constraining trade. Experts and practitioners from government, industry and the academy. will explore the framework of economic diplomacy needed for an expanding trade relationship for the next decade.  

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MIIS Report on US Coastal Economies Lauded by Congressman Farr



National Ocean Economics Program Director Dr. Judith Kildow, Congressman Sam Farr, and Center for the Blue Economy Director Dr. Jason Scorse, who also serves as program chair of the Institute‘s International Environmental Policy program.

Presenting the 2014 State of the U.S. Ocean and Coastal Economies report at a press conference in Monterey on Monday, Dr. Judith Kildow, director of the National Ocean Economics Program at the Monterey Institute‘s Center for the Blue Economy, noted the imbalance between the economic importance of coasts and coastal oceans and the federal support for stewardship of these resources. According to the report, coastal states supply over 81 percent of American jobs and contribute $13 trillion to the economy, or 84 percent of GDP.

Rep. Farr lauded the NOEP report and said it was a very important contribution to the policy debate because it placed real economic value to our coastal resources. He said he was particularly happy that this important work was being done at the Monterey Institute, where he “went to study Spanish before joining the Peace Corps and going to Colombia.” Farr said there simply was “no place like MIIS anywhere.”

The press conference was covered by leading local news station KSBW and the Monterey County Weekly, and also mentioned in the Monterey Herald. For more on the the State of the U.S. Ocean and Coastal Economies 2014, visit The report can be downloaded here.

Read more at the MIIS Newsroom



Donor Pledges $2 million to Immersive Learning for MIIS Students



Students in the Monterey Institute’s unique immersive learning programs have the opportunity to work on real-life projects such as local development efforts in Peru.

The Monterey Institute has received a $2 million gift pledge from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The gift will be divided equally between support for the Institute’s unique immersive learning programs, which provide real-world professional opportunities for students as part of their academic experience, and the school’s endowment, which provides general support for all Institute activities.

“We are extremely grateful for this generous and visionary gift, which will allow us to expand opportunities for both students and faculty at the Monterey Institute,” commented President Sunder Ramaswamy. “Immersive learning is one of the signature elements of a Monterey Institute education, and this gift will allow us to explore new opportunities for our students to learn in the field as well as the classroom while enrolled here.”

Read more at the MIIS Newsroom.



Stop by the MIIS Roundtable Booth at Career Fair on Friday


During the Career Fair + MIIS Roundtable event on Friday, February 28 – stop by the MIIS Roundtable booth to learn more about your registration/membership benefits from MIIS Corporate Relations Director Kathy Joyce. Come and meet some of the experts whose programs and opportunities will be offered to our MIIS Roundtable membership as part of YOUR benefits.
Special guests at the table will be:
Katharina Breme - Strategic educational consultant to top academic institutions and global organizations (left)
Peter Fordos - Intercultural expert who specializes in global leadership development (middle)
Peter Robertson -  Executive Coach, Researcher, Teacher in the field of Leadership and Organization Ecology (right)
Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 8.26.38 PM



Monterey Beach WelcomeOur students and alumni are excited and preparing for Career Fair 2014. Using the MIIS career platform, Zócalo, students have RSVP’d to the Fair, submitted their resumes for your viewing, reviewed positions for which you may have indicated that you are hiring, and have expressed their interest in specific companies like yours. To view which students are interested in your organization or to review student resumes, log into your own Zócalo account at  Your username is the email address we have on file for you.  You can view additional instructions here. After you have scanned your Zócalo account, and pinned down your logistics, your job will be to engage with uniquely qualified students and see productive results.


MIIS Students Work on Microcredit and Planning Projects in Bajo Lempa, El Salvador


el_salvadorSince its inception in 2006, Team El Salvador has provided 105 Monterey Institute students with the opportunity to hone their development and language skills while making a meaningful contribution to the lives of people in the Bajo Lempa region of El Salvador. This January, nine MIIS students were joined by two Middlebury students and, for the first time, a student from California State University, Monterey Bay. Topics of several projects undertaken in El Salvador this year included photojournalism, microcredit, and public spaces. Read more about Team El Salvador in the MIIS Newsroom.




Already Registered for Career Fair? Complete the Pre-Arrival Checklist


ChecklistThe Monterey Institute is gearing up for the  annual Career Fair. If you have already registered for the 2014 Career Fair, please take a moment to make sure you’ve completed these THREE ITEMS on your pre-arrival checklist.

Please make sure you’ve sent us these items:
1. A short, 2-3 sentence statement about your organization that we will place in our interactive directory that students reference.
2. A jpg image of your logo for use on programs, signage, and promotional materials.
Send these two items to Kathy Joyce, at, with CF2014 in the subject line, and start to connect with our students all year long.

Also, you’ll need to register the participants from your organization, so we can ensure we’ve met logistical needs of your staff.
3. Register attendees from your organization.

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Student Teams Compete in Water Innovation Challenge



This spring semester, a group of faculty and staff from across the Institute has launched an innovation challenge for teams of students (48 students in total) willing to tackle a true wicked problem. The challenge, Nor Any Drop to Drink? – Securing the Future of Monterey County’s Fresh Water Supply, involves participating in a series of stakeholder conversations and workshops and working with teams to come up with solutions to a problem that is at once very local and yet global in its wickedness.

As Professor Kent Glenzer of the Development Practice and Policy program says, it serves three main purposes: “First, it promotes interdisciplinary work among students, and stretches them to look across degree silos. Complex problems don’t lend themselves to single-discipline solutions. Second, it gives students a real-world laboratory for trying out what they are learning in the classroom. And third, it allows students to engage with local stakeholders – the powerful and the excluded – and forces them to find solutions that are acceptable by many. And it’s a great networking opportunity to boot!”

Read more about the Challenge in the MIIS Newsroom



In Andean Peru, Policy Students Implement Learning


Peru PracticumIt started with Professors Robert McCleery and Philip Murphy, who have been working on research on the links between poverty and isolation, and grew through connections with the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, a non-profit co-founded by alumni Aaron Ebner (MPA ’11) and Adam Stieglitz (MPA ’11) that is working on community development projects in the isolated Sacred Valley of Peru.

Professor Jeff Dayton-Johnson and his team of 25 International Policy StudiesMaster of Public Administration, Master of Business Administration and International Education Management students looked at several dimensions of connectivity as it relates to a poor rural economy like that of Andean Peru. That included roads, telecommunications, connectivity to public services like health care and education, and connectivity via language (while the national language of Peru is Spanish, Quechua is the language spoken by most of the people in the study area).

After a semester of in-depth policy research and analysis, students traveled to Peru to conduct in-field research in January. MIIS continues to create hands-on, immersive learning experiences for students focused on real-world impact.

Read more about the Peru Policy Practicum in the MIIS Newsroom



Research in International Cyber Security Launches at MIIS


MCySecSince launching in May 2013, the Monterey Institute Cyber Security Initiative (MCySec) has become a leading interdisciplinary platform working to assess the impact of technology on security, peace and communication. MCySec is quickly positioning itself to be an international convener on policy issues surrounding cyber security, as well as creating a network of diverse stakeholders to present a balances voice on cyber security topics. The MCySec Blog can introduce you to cutting edge topics and cyber security’s role in current international events, and a glance through MCySec Events illuminate’s MIIS’s power as an international convener. Led by Dr. Itamara Lochard, a NATO Center for Excellence in Defense Against Terrorism subject matter expert with 25 years of experience cyber security, with support from a multi-disciplinary team of faculty, staff, and students, MCySec is a launchpad for cyber innovation and research.