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2009-2010 Agenda

2009 Staff Needs Assessment and Action Plan: Executive Summary

After a thorough needs assessment, the team identified a number of priorities.¬†Based on the feedback garnered from the SAT’s staff needs assessment, the team established the following goals and action plan for the year 2009-2010:

Goal 1: Provide Professional Development to Staff

  • Action: Provide Outlook and Excel training. The first round of Outlook training for staff and faculty was held August 14. The SAT will arrange for additional Outlook training sessions in early 2010 to be held via Elluminate (to allow trainees to use personal Outlook configurations). The SAT is adopting a train-the-trainers approach to Excel training and will hold its first such session for a select group in mid-October.

Goal 2: Improve Communication/Build Community

  • Action: Facilitate monthly open houses to give staff and faculty an opportunity to learn more about the functions of MIIS offices and departments. Institutional Advancement hosted the first open house on October 2.¬† More will follow throughout the year.
  • Action: Host staff/faculty lunches the first Friday of each month to provide a venue for informal communication and community building. The first lunch is scheduled for November 6. Participants will bring their own lunches; the SAT will provide drinks and dessert. More details to come.

Goal 3: Leverage Existing Resources for the Benefit of the MIIS Community

  • Action: Collect and disseminate (via MIIS@work or other existing platform) information on local discounts for MIIS staff and faculty.
  • Action: Assist HR in the development of a new staff orientation program and packet.
  • Action: Serve as a point of contact for questions regarding benefits, as needed.

The SAT is committed to implementing this action plan in a collaborative, transparent, and fiscally-responsible manner as we seek to fulfill our overall vision of providing staff with opportunities for communication and community building.

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