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The Staff Advisory Team invites all faculty and staff to join them for the June First Friday event. We’ll provide burritos and beverages for everyone who RSVPs. You have to eat lunch – why not get it for free and enjoy the company of some other MIIS folks?

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May 26, 2010 Present: Devin, Lynn, Rachel, Trinidad, Edy, Kenley Kenley will request Holland Center as venue for June 4 First Friday event. Kenley will ask Amy McGill if there will be funds available for SAT in 2010-2011. Kenley will solicit nominations through MIIS@work; should be received by June 15; current SAT will moderate nominations […]

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Notes from 12 May 2010 Present: Devin, Edy, Trinidad, Rachel, Kenley Email coming out this week about new CTO policy. Kenley will send form for SAT nominations via MIIS@work. We’ll announce team at 6/25 event. Do we want to introduce the new team? Kenley will ask Barbara for a few minutes of time. Devin will […]

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Notes from 14 April 2010 Present: Devin, Edy, Rachel, Kenley We can continue with First Friday events for May and June, and will piggyback with the Institute’s June 25 event instead of doing our own. Edy reported that Wed and Thu are best days if we would like to engage faculty. Third Thursday? Welcome Wednesday? […]

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The Staff Advisory Team, has recently put efforts into starting a community blog.  The goal of this blog is to communicate to the staff community what we’re working on and also gather feedback/ideas/suggestions for how to move forward on initiatives.  Staff members are encouraged to leave comments on blog posts but we will also be […]