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May, 2010

  1. First Friday Event: Burrito Bonanza on June 4

    May 27, 2010 by Kristen Byers

    The Staff Advisory Team invites all faculty and staff to join them for the June First Friday event. We’ll provide burritos and beverages for everyone who RSVPs.

    You have to eat lunch – why not get it for free and enjoy the company of some other MIIS folks?

  2. Meeting Notes

    May 26, 2010 by Kenley Butler

    May 26, 2010

    Present: Devin, Lynn, Rachel, Trinidad, Edy, Kenley

    • Kenley will request Holland Center as venue for June 4 First Friday event.
    • Kenley will ask Amy McGill if there will be funds available for SAT in 2010-2011.
    • Kenley will solicit nominations through MIIS@work; should be received by June 15; current SAT will moderate nominations via the SAT email account. set up by Trinidad.
    • Ideas from to include in staff talk at June 25 merger event: Fearful at first, but always pleasantly surprised at transparency of process. Benefits have improved—iGreentree an improvement over paperwork; registration and other modules in BannerWeb; accounting and business practices have improved; streamlined admin processes; can count on MIIS to weather financial ups and downs; can check who is billing on your budget; having advising team in one place; two styles of work, MIIS and MIDD, very different and complementary; MIDD very responsible regarding website requests, so MIIS doesn’t have to interface with third party provider; MIDD focused on tutoring issues and writing and MIIS better at bootstrapping and using free cloud computing type technologies; in the past MIDD has created their own systems, but now, like MIIS, reaching out and using free technologies; very different but complementary; bringing more MIDD students to campus and sending MIIS students to MIDD for summer language training; previously high turnover of staff management, including presidents and CFOs; we’d scramble for policies and leaderships; now it seems like there is some direction, stability, guidance, so we don’t have to make it up everytime; “I felt like a foster child, and now I’ve been adopted;” benefits improved and didn’t diminish.


  3. Meeting Notes

    May 12, 2010 by Kenley Butler

    Notes from 12 May 2010
    Present: Devin, Edy, Trinidad, Rachel, Kenley

    • Email coming out this week about new CTO policy.
    • Kenley will send form for SAT nominations via MIIS@work.
    • We’ll announce team at 6/25 event. Do we want to introduce the new team? Kenley will ask Barbara for a few minutes of time.
    • Devin will draft self-assessment based on our 2009/2010 goals and send to Amy McGill and share with new team.
    • Kenley will organize June’s first Friday event event. Will model event after Lynn’s RSVP event. Chipotle burritos on tap. Order online. At the Holland Center.
    • May First Friday event went well. Largest group ever. Good job, Lynn!
    • Rachel continues working on new employee orientation packet for new team. Hopes to complete it and pass it on to HR before new team comes on board.
    photo courtesy Flickr/Marshall Astor

    photo courtesy Flickr/Marshall Astor

  4. Meeting Notes

    May 7, 2010 by Kenley Butler

    Notes from 14 April 2010
    Present: Devin, Edy, Rachel, Kenley

    piggyback, Flickr: Roger Smith

    • We can continue with First Friday events for May and June, and will piggyback with the Institute’s June 25 event instead of doing our own.
    • Edy reported that Wed and Thu are best days if we would like to engage faculty. Third Thursday? Welcome Wednesday? Let the new SAT group decide how to proceed.
    • Rachel will talk with Barbara about org chart.
    • Lynn will take first Friday in May and Kenley in June.
    • SAT self-assessment. Is there anything we’ve forgotten to do? First Fridays and Open Houses have been good. For Professional Development we’ve not done all we could, but HR and Kade Center have filled the gap.

  5. Staff Advisory Team Blog

    May 6, 2010 by Lynn McDonald

    The Staff Advisory Team, has recently put efforts into starting a community blog.  The goal of this blog is to communicate to the staff community what we’re working on and also gather feedback/ideas/suggestions for how to move forward on initiatives.  Staff members are encouraged to leave comments on blog posts but we will also be adding a feedback page, where anonymous suggestions can be given to the team. This blog will link to the MIIS@Work blog so relevant posts will be cross posted.  The MIIS@Work blog will still be the primary source of important information for Faculty and Staff.

    We hope this blog helps us communicate!

    Flickr Photo by inju

    Flickr Photo by inju