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Meeting Notes: Changing of the Guard

June 30, 2010

Present: Shawna, Anna, Kristen, Nathan, Alice, Lynn, Devin, Trinidad, Rafael, Kenley

Rotation of responsibilities: One person designated each month to take notes, post notes on SAT blog, arrange meetings, create agendas, send reminders.

Meetings: Found better to hold them at a regularly scheduled day and time and place. We meet Wednesdays at 3:30PM every other week.

Self Assessment: SAT conducted assessment in summer 2009. Found three key themes

  1. professional development (conducted Outlook and other trainings, but deferred to TLC training sessions)
  2. improving communication and building community (First Friday events, open houses)
  3. identify existing resources that might  benefit staff  (Rafael will send a list of MIIS discounts available through Chamber of Commerce; Rachel will brief new SAT on new staff orientation).

New SAT may want to review results of old needs assessment, or may want to conduct a new one. New team should decide what its goals are.

We received information on CTO policy in advance; MIIS administration may use SAT as a sounding board. Amy McGill has the SAT’s point of contact. May invite her to join us or consult with her on a one to one basis.

Budget is $5,000.

Devin suggests SAT organize a substantial event at beginning of year. Put your pics on the blog, or include a suggestion box.

We were going to hold a year-end celebration, beach party, but merged it into the merger celebration. Trinidad suggests new SAT consider holding an end of year.

Submit receipts and reimbursement requests to Barbara. Might want to track expenses and balances better.

Meeting Notes

June 16, 2010

Present: Trinidad, Rachel, Lynn, Kenley

Review of Nominations: Trinidad will send note to nominees asking them to come to the June 25 event and to attend the next SAT meeting. Trinidad will inform Sunder.

Meeting with New SAT:  June 30, 2010 3:30

June 25 Event: KB will send draft to SAT of speech.

Self-Assessment (Devin):

Employee Orientation (Rachel): Still working on it.

Passing the Baton: We’ll meet face-to-face and pass on our knowledge.

June First Friday Recap: Burrito Bonanza

What do you get when you cross 60 burritos, a table full of chocolate, and welcome Monterey sunshine?