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July, 2010

  1. First Friday Event: Hawaiian BBQ on August 6

    July 22, 2010 by Kristen Byers

    Hawaiian BBQ

    Join us for an hour of relaxation and good company, island style! The 2010-11 Staff Advisory Team is hosting a Hawaiian-themed barbecue for all MIIS faculty and staff to celebrate summer and get everyone together. We won’t make you do the hula, but we will provide a free,fully catered lunch featuring bbq chicken, salad, sides, drinks, and much more! Hawaiian shirts are encouraged. Please RSVP by Wednesday, July 28th at 5:00 PM so that we can let the caterer know how much food to provide.

  2. Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, July 21

    July 21, 2010 by Kristen Byers

    August 6 First Friday Event

    Hawaiian BBQ/Luau: led by Alice & Anna

    • Anna has found a caterer for $14.50/head (about $580 + desserts, tablecloths, and water at Costco will bring it to about $700)
    • Anna will work with the caterer & Leah to use a P-card for payment
    • Anna & Alice will put together an Evite
    • Dress code: Hawaiian shirts
    • Nathan will provide a surfboard; Anna will ask Rachel Christopherson about borrowing her luau decor
    • Leah will make themed tablecards; attendees will draw a number at the door to determine where they will sit; 1 SAT member will sit at each table
    • 30-second introductions by SAT members
    • Raffle/door prizes (Spam)?
    • Those who wish to help set up should arrive at 11am

    September 3 First Friday Event

    Beautification & Brews: led by Leah & Kristen

    • Campus beautification day; Facilities will provide a list of tasks that need to be done around campus
    • Dress code = jeans & t-shirts
    • Those who help will be served drinks afterwards
    • Will discuss further details at next meeting

    Org Chart

    New Employee Orientation

    • Nathan & Kristen will work with HR on this going forward
    • Coffee with a colleague?
    • Make SAT presence more known on campus from day one

    Professional Development

    The following inspiring documents were provided by Shawna:

    Service Awards

    • Linae provided a catalog of cool awards
    • HR will give list of hire dates to President’s Office (Leah)
    • Update from Leah: The President’s office will handle these awards going forward (details are still to be determined but it is looking like they will do this at the holiday party for everyone with a 5 year interval anniversary, however, if someone is at their 25 year anniversary they will have a separate event at a different time during the year). So I guess we are off the hook for this :)

    Staff Survey

    • Wondering if staff needs have changed since original SAT conducted their needs assessment
    • Leah will work on a few survey questions and bring them to the next meeting

    Blog Updates

    Header photo ideas?

    Need photos & bios

    Still need info from the following people for our Current Team Members page:

    • Leah (photo)
    • Nathan (photo + bio)
    • Tom (photo)

  3. Staff Advisory Team blog can now cross-post to the MIIS@Work blog

    July 8, 2010 by Kristen Byers

    The Staff Advisory Team can now post to the MIIS@Work blog by tagging any SAT post with the tag “work”. This will be useful when we want certain post headlines to be sent out to the all staff/faculty email lists (Amy McGill sends these emails periodically). This will also be a great way for staff and faculty members to see the progress the team is making on certain projects.

  4. Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, July 7

    July 8, 2010 by Kristen Byers

    Present: Edy, Rachel, Tom, Nathan, Kristen, Shawna, Alice, Leah, Anna

    Future Meetings/Logistics

    • Every other Wednesday at 3pm
      • Leah will send out a meeting request via Exchange
    • Kristen will be the official scribe


    SAT Blog

    Rachel’s New Staff Orientation Checklist

    Org Chart

    • Create an org chart, maybe just using generic titles/department names
    • Too much for one person to maintain once it’s created; ask department heads to keep their portions of the org chart up-to-date
    • Add photos/bios on various department websites?
    • Add photos to the online directory?

    First Friday Lunches

    • Next one will be on Friday, August 6 from 12-1pm
    • Consider moving lunches to Wednesdays to promote faculty attendance
    • Possible ideas:
      • In ‘N Out cookout trailer (too expensive — $1250 minimum)
      • Curly’s
      • Little Chicken House
    • Continue using Evite to gather RSVPs

    Agenda Items for Next Meeting

    • Plan August 6 lunch specifics
    • Brainstorm longer-term projects & trainings (Excel? Staff knowledge sharing workshop day?)