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First Friday Event: Hawaiian BBQ on August 6

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Join us for an hour of relaxation and good company, island style! The 2010-11 Staff Advisory Team is hosting a Hawaiian-themed barbecue for all MIIS faculty and staff to celebrate summer and get everyone together. We won’t make you do the hula, but we will provide a free,fully catered lunch featuring bbq chicken, salad, sides, […]

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Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, July 21

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August 6 First Friday Event Hawaiian BBQ/Luau: led by Alice & Anna Anna has found a caterer for $14.50/head (about $580 + desserts, tablecloths, and water at Costco will bring it to about $700) Anna will work with the caterer & Leah to use a P-card for payment Anna & Alice will put together an […]

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The Staff Advisory Team can now post to the MIIS@Work blog by tagging any SAT post with the tag “work”. This will be useful when we want certain post headlines to be sent out to the all staff/faculty email lists (Amy McGill sends these emails periodically). This will also be a great way for staff […]

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Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, July 7

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Present: Edy, Rachel, Tom, Nathan, Kristen, Shawna, Alice, Leah, Anna Future Meetings/Logistics Every other Wednesday at 3pm Leah will send out a meeting request via Exchange Kristen will be the official scribe Projects SAT Blog The following people need to log into the blogging community so that Kristen can add them as authors to the […]

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