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Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, September 29

First Friday Rise & Shine Breakfast: October 1

  • 8:30-9:30am
  • Setup: 8am inside Holland Center
  • Alice will help Shawna set up
  • Speaker (Meg Grundy) will begin at 8:45am — will talk about stress management and work/life balance

Halloween Party: October 29

  • Hosted at the President’s Office
  • Costumes welcome
  • Baken will provide awesome carved pumpkins for decoration
  • Game: 2 truths and a lie w/the President’s Office staff
  • Halloween pictionary?
  • Will provide $75 for food/drinks and $25 for prizes

November/December event ideas

  • Bowling? Roller skating? Sailing?
  • An off-campus happy hour
  • Beer tasting
  • Scavenger hunt

February: blood drive

  • Shawna will coordinate with Red Cross Club to get students involved
  • Get Communications to write a news story about the event

Gym discounts?

  • Alice will call InShape

First Friday Event: Rise & Shine Breakfast on October 1

The Staff Advisory Team would like to cordially invite you to October’s First Friday event. Please join us in the morning (yes we said morning… RISE AND SHINE sleepy heads!) Friday, October 1st for breakfast burritos and a special presentation by Meg Grundy, a licensed counselor and therapist. She will be talking about “Stress Free for Good: 10 Scientifically Proven Life Skills for Health & Happiness“.

The book is written by Dr. Fred Luskin and Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier and offers tools and techniques to help people successfully manage stress. In her presentation she plans to touch on and teach us a few of the techniques. Breakfast will begin at 8:30 a.m. and Meg will start her presentation at 8:45 a.m.

Please RSVP by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29th so we know how many b-fast burritos to order. Remember to get the okay from your supervisor because this event does take place during regular work hours.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

September First Friday Recap: Ice Cream Social

About 50 faculty and staff members joined us for ice cream on the afternoon of Friday, September 3. Even though the ice cream began melting a little more quickly than anticipated, we had a lot of fun enjoying the sunshine and playing two games of bingo. A special thank you to Jonathan Covell, who served as the bingo master for the event. Congratulations to Edy Rhodes and Laurel Hogan, who were the winners of the Baskin Robbins gift certificates.

Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, September 1

Upcoming First Friday Events

Ice Cream Social (Friday 9/3): led by Leah & Kristen

  • 3pm at the Holland Center
    • Kristen & Leah will begin setup at 2:30pm
    • Other SAT members please arrive by 2:50pm
  • 1–2 games w/prizes (Baskin Robbins gift certificates)
  • 3 flavors of ice cream (mint chocolate chip, chocolate, vanilla)+ a non-dairy option (lemon bars) and various toppings (M&M’s, nuts, chocolate topping, s’mores magic shell, etc.)
  • 3 ice cream scoopers (Anna, Tom, Shawna) + 1 game announcer (Jonathan Covell; backup: Shawna)
  • Total spent on event: approx. $70
    • Leah will get copies of receipts to Nate, who will keep track of the budget going forward

Pumpkin Potluck (Friday 10/1): led by Shawna & Anna

  • How to manage who brings what (department? first letter of your last name? Evite?)
  • Optional costume contest
  • Spooky music
  • Palm readers/tarot cards? Cookie decorating contest?
  • Anna and Shawna will meet to brainstorm

Dept Open Houses: Who’s Left?

  • Student Services
  • Recruiting
  • TLC
  • President’s Office
  • FinAid
  • HR

Other Items/Ideas

  • Nate will meet with Amy next week to discuss other SAT objectives
  • Possible TIAA-CREF info session
  • Brown bag lunches w/knowledge sharing (lunch ‘n learn)
  • Blood drive
    • Shawna will touch base w/Lucy Jodlowska
  • Beach cleanup w/Save Our Shores
  • Turkey trot (have to bring a can of food in order to participate?)