Safe Computing


From Sophos Threatsaurus

  • Virus – malicious code, meant to destroy, hijack, replicate
  • Spam – unsolicited email, like junk mail
  • Malware – general term, program that with bad intentions
  • Phishing – messages which try to trick you into sharing sensitive information.


Simply: longer is better. Use a combination of upper & lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Use different passwords for different accounts.

Use a password manager such as LastPass.

What Can I Do

  • Resist clicking on links in emails; go to the site directly
  • Do keep your Windows/Mac OS up to date, set it for automatic updates
  • Do keep all your browser up to date. Use multiple browsers
  • Do install an antivirus and keep it up to date. Mac and smartphones too.
  • Do back up your files
  • Do use strong passwords; use different passwords for different sites/services; keep it private; use a password manager
  • Do protect your email address; have several email addresses
  • Do make sure your important sites eg. financial, medical, etc., use HTTPS; the browser.
  • Read the install screens


Get the Middlebury Antivirus: Sophos

This is available for free to the entre MIIS/Middlebury community.

How to Minimize Spam

  • Protect your email address
  • Have several email accounts for several purposes
  • Don’t post or allow it to be posted on sites.
  • Consider an email alias for work

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