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Dear Friends,

The Staff Advisory Team (S.A.T.) openly invites each of you to apply to join the team. In addition to community celebrations, this year we are proud to say that we have been a part of the following movements on campus.

  • The implementation and organization of the employee years of service recognition event
  • Served as the voice of staff for the November 20th Board of Overseers Visit
  • Planning and supporting a variety of staff development workshops on both technological and interpersonal skills
  • The streamlining of communication through educational opportunities such as : Middlebury and the Matrix Presentation, Navigating Human Resources Across Middlebury, and the recently begun Staff Networking Meetings

S.A.T. sets their agenda based off of the Staff Survey. On a continuous basis, S.A.T. works with the Vice President’s Office, Human Resources, and the Staff Constituent Member of the Board of Overseers (Kenley Butler) to make possible opportunities and suggestions for improvements on campus. We connect with staff in Middlebury and we also work to support the MIIS community and their departmental missions by co-hosting events such as the Alumni Relations Chili Lunch Break.

We are asking that all interested applicants provide the following information:

  • Name and Department
  • Reason why they would like to join S.A.T
  • At least one impact/change they would like to be a part of implementing on campus
  • At least one event/workshop you would like to schedule for staff participation

Applications will be due by close of business on Friday, May 15th, 2015. As set forth by the creators of S.A.T. in 2009, applicants must not be part of the senior administration of MIIS campus. As S.A.T. prides itself on maintaining a voluntary, dynamic, diverse, and flexible team we hope that we will receive applications from members of all departments on campus with a variety of different skill sets and talents. If you should have any questions in regards to time commitment and the running of S.A.T. please feel free to contact us upon your convenience at Your questions are always welcome. Here are the bios on the current members:


S.A.T. Team (Lauren Patron-Castro, Angie Quesenberry, Sam Bravo, Trish Aportela, Catherine Snapp, and Maria Osorio

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