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CHOMP Bloodmobile on campus Tuesday, November 9

  • Signup sheets at Samson the week before (Wed 11/3 and Thu 11/4) from 12-2pm
  • Include email and phone numbers on signup sheets so we can send reminders
  • Get Student Council president involved to help promote blood drive to students
  • Leah & her work study students will design a flyer
  • Post announcement on the MIIS@Work blog
  • Ad on the homepage of eLearning
  • Send campus-wide email

Adding the SAT Google Calendar to the combined MIIS Google Cal

  • Who is the contact?

November Event: Bowling for Polio

  • Wednesday, November 17 from 5:30-7:30pm
  • @ Monterey Lanes
  • $20 for 2 games, shoes, and pizza
  • Staff/faculty members can bring their families
  • Could SAT subsidize some of the cost?

December First Friday Event: Beer Tasting

  • Friday, December 3 on the Holland Center patio
  • approx. cost for 50 people to have 2 bottles/each: $150
  • Tom & Nathan will send out the Evite

First Friday Rise & Shine Breakfast: October 1

  • 8:30-9:30am
  • Setup: 8am inside Holland Center
  • Alice will help Shawna set up
  • Speaker (Meg Grundy) will begin at 8:45am — will talk about stress management and work/life balance

Halloween Party: October 29

  • Hosted at the President’s Office
  • Costumes welcome
  • Baken will provide awesome carved pumpkins for decoration
  • Game: 2 truths and a lie w/the President’s Office staff
  • Halloween pictionary?
  • Will provide $75 for food/drinks and $25 for prizes

November/December event ideas

  • Bowling? Roller skating? Sailing?
  • An off-campus happy hour
  • Beer tasting
  • Scavenger hunt

February: blood drive

  • Shawna will coordinate with Red Cross Club to get students involved
  • Get Communications to write a news story about the event

Gym discounts?

  • Alice will call InShape

Upcoming First Friday Events

Ice Cream Social (Friday 9/3): led by Leah & Kristen

  • 3pm at the Holland Center
    • Kristen & Leah will begin setup at 2:30pm
    • Other SAT members please arrive by 2:50pm
  • 1–2 games w/prizes (Baskin Robbins gift certificates)
  • 3 flavors of ice cream (mint chocolate chip, chocolate, vanilla)+ a non-dairy option (lemon bars) and various toppings (M&M’s, nuts, chocolate topping, s’mores magic shell, etc.)
  • 3 ice cream scoopers (Anna, Tom, Shawna) + 1 game announcer (Jonathan Covell; backup: Shawna)
  • Total spent on event: approx. $70
    • Leah will get copies of receipts to Nate, who will keep track of the budget going forward

Pumpkin Potluck (Friday 10/1): led by Shawna & Anna

  • How to manage who brings what (department? first letter of your last name? Evite?)
  • Optional costume contest
  • Spooky music
  • Palm readers/tarot cards? Cookie decorating contest?
  • Anna and Shawna will meet to brainstorm

Dept Open Houses: Who’s Left?

  • Student Services
  • Recruiting
  • TLC
  • President’s Office
  • FinAid
  • HR

Other Items/Ideas

  • Nate will meet with Amy next week to discuss other SAT objectives
  • Possible TIAA-CREF info session
  • Brown bag lunches w/knowledge sharing (lunch ‘n learn)
  • Blood drive
    • Shawna will touch base w/Lucy Jodlowska
  • Beach cleanup w/Save Our Shores
  • Turkey trot (have to bring a can of food in order to participate?)

$3600 left in the budget

Upcoming First Friday Events

Ice Cream Social (Friday 9/3): led by Leah & Kristen

  • 3-3:30pm at the Holland Center
  • 1–2 games w/prizes (Baskin Robbins giftcards)
  • 3 flavors of ice cream + a non-dairy option and various toppings
  • Need 3 ice cream scoopers + 1 game announcer

Pumpkin Potluck (Friday 10/1): led by Shawna

  • Does Shawna need a second person to help plan this event?

Amazing Race Challenge? (Friday 11/5): led by Nathan & Tom

  • Revisit campus beautification event?
  • Root beer floats?

Wine tasting/chestnut roasting? (Friday 12/3)

Other Ideas

  • TIAA-CREF info session
  • Brown bag lunches w/knowledge sharing (lunch ‘n learn)
  • Campus history walking tour (spring event?)

Projects to think about

  • New staff orientation
  • Org chart
  • Professional development
  • Staff survey
  • Local discounts for employees
    • Alice will email Rafael to find out where he left off on this project
  • Encourage staff/faculty to upload photos to directory
    • How does this tie in w/Campus Security photo ID project?

Upcoming First Friday Events

Hawaiian BBQ/Luau (Friday 8/6): led by Alice & Anna

Approx. 93 attendees expected
Total cost: $1000


10am: available SAT members arrive at Holland Center to set up
11:15am: caterer arrives
12:30pm: SAT introduction
1:15pm: take down/cleanup

Ice Cream Social (Friday 9/3): led by Leah & Kristen

Pumpkin Potluck (Friday 10/1): led by Shawna

  • Halloween theme
  • Pumpkin carving contest by department
  • Ask our offices how well a potluck would be received

Amazing Race Challenge? (Friday 11/5): led by Nathan & Tom

Using Evite for future Events

  • Include an “RSVP by” date
  • Uncheck the “allow guests” option
  • Use URL for invites

August 6 First Friday Event

Hawaiian BBQ/Luau: led by Alice & Anna

  • Anna has found a caterer for $14.50/head (about $580 + desserts, tablecloths, and water at Costco will bring it to about $700)
  • Anna will work with the caterer & Leah to use a P-card for payment
  • Anna & Alice will put together an Evite
  • Dress code: Hawaiian shirts
  • Nathan will provide a surfboard; Anna will ask Rachel Christopherson about borrowing her luau decor
  • Leah will make themed tablecards; attendees will draw a number at the door to determine where they will sit; 1 SAT member will sit at each table
  • 30-second introductions by SAT members
  • Raffle/door prizes (Spam)?
  • Those who wish to help set up should arrive at 11am

September 3 First Friday Event

Beautification & Brews: led by Leah & Kristen

  • Campus beautification day; Facilities will provide a list of tasks that need to be done around campus
  • Dress code = jeans & t-shirts
  • Those who help will be served drinks afterwards
  • Will discuss further details at next meeting

Org Chart

New Employee Orientation

  • Nathan & Kristen will work with HR on this going forward
  • Coffee with a colleague?
  • Make SAT presence more known on campus from day one

Professional Development

The following inspiring documents were provided by Shawna:

Service Awards

  • Linae provided a catalog of cool awards
  • HR will give list of hire dates to President’s Office (Leah)
  • Update from Leah: The President’s office will handle these awards going forward (details are still to be determined but it is looking like they will do this at the holiday party for everyone with a 5 year interval anniversary, however, if someone is at their 25 year anniversary they will have a separate event at a different time during the year). So I guess we are off the hook for this :)

Staff Survey

  • Wondering if staff needs have changed since original SAT conducted their needs assessment
  • Leah will work on a few survey questions and bring them to the next meeting

Blog Updates

Header photo ideas?

Need photos & bios

Still need info from the following people for our Current Team Members page:

  • Leah (photo)
  • Nathan (photo + bio)
  • Tom (photo)

Present: Edy, Rachel, Tom, Nathan, Kristen, Shawna, Alice, Leah, Anna

Future Meetings/Logistics

  • Every other Wednesday at 3pm
    • Leah will send out a meeting request via Exchange
  • Kristen will be the official scribe


SAT Blog

Rachel’s New Staff Orientation Checklist

Org Chart

  • Create an org chart, maybe just using generic titles/department names
  • Too much for one person to maintain once it’s created; ask department heads to keep their portions of the org chart up-to-date
  • Add photos/bios on various department websites?
  • Add photos to the online directory?

First Friday Lunches

  • Next one will be on Friday, August 6 from 12-1pm
  • Consider moving lunches to Wednesdays to promote faculty attendance
  • Possible ideas:
    • In ‘N Out cookout trailer (too expensive — $1250 minimum)
    • Curly’s
    • Little Chicken House
  • Continue using Evite to gather RSVPs

Agenda Items for Next Meeting

  • Plan August 6 lunch specifics
  • Brainstorm longer-term projects & trainings (Excel? Staff knowledge sharing workshop day?)

June 30, 2010

Present: Shawna, Anna, Kristen, Nathan, Alice, Lynn, Devin, Trinidad, Rafael, Kenley

Rotation of responsibilities: One person designated each month to take notes, post notes on SAT blog, arrange meetings, create agendas, send reminders.

Meetings: Found better to hold them at a regularly scheduled day and time and place. We meet Wednesdays at 3:30PM every other week.

Self Assessment: SAT conducted assessment in summer 2009. Found three key themes

  1. professional development (conducted Outlook and other trainings, but deferred to TLC training sessions)
  2. improving communication and building community (First Friday events, open houses)
  3. identify existing resources that might  benefit staff  (Rafael will send a list of MIIS discounts available through Chamber of Commerce; Rachel will brief new SAT on new staff orientation).

New SAT may want to review results of old needs assessment, or may want to conduct a new one. New team should decide what its goals are.

We received information on CTO policy in advance; MIIS administration may use SAT as a sounding board. Amy McGill has the SAT’s point of contact. May invite her to join us or consult with her on a one to one basis.

Budget is $5,000.

Devin suggests SAT organize a substantial event at beginning of year. Put your pics on the blog, or include a suggestion box.

We were going to hold a year-end celebration, beach party, but merged it into the merger celebration. Trinidad suggests new SAT consider holding an end of year.

Submit receipts and reimbursement requests to Barbara. Might want to track expenses and balances better.

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June 16, 2010

Present: Trinidad, Rachel, Lynn, Kenley

Review of Nominations: Trinidad will send note to nominees asking them to come to the June 25 event and to attend the next SAT meeting. Trinidad will inform Sunder.

Meeting with New SAT:  June 30, 2010 3:30

June 25 Event: KB will send draft to SAT of speech.

Self-Assessment (Devin):

Employee Orientation (Rachel): Still working on it.

Passing the Baton: We’ll meet face-to-face and pass on our knowledge.

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May 26, 2010

Present: Devin, Lynn, Rachel, Trinidad, Edy, Kenley

  • Kenley will request Holland Center as venue for June 4 First Friday event.
  • Kenley will ask Amy McGill if there will be funds available for SAT in 2010-2011.
  • Kenley will solicit nominations through MIIS@work; should be received by June 15; current SAT will moderate nominations via the SAT email account. set up by Trinidad.
  • Ideas from to include in staff talk at June 25 merger event: Fearful at first, but always pleasantly surprised at transparency of process. Benefits have improved—iGreentree an improvement over paperwork; registration and other modules in BannerWeb; accounting and business practices have improved; streamlined admin processes; can count on MIIS to weather financial ups and downs; can check who is billing on your budget; having advising team in one place; two styles of work, MIIS and MIDD, very different and complementary; MIDD very responsible regarding website requests, so MIIS doesn’t have to interface with third party provider; MIDD focused on tutoring issues and writing and MIIS better at bootstrapping and using free cloud computing type technologies; in the past MIDD has created their own systems, but now, like MIIS, reaching out and using free technologies; very different but complementary; bringing more MIDD students to campus and sending MIIS students to MIDD for summer language training; previously high turnover of staff management, including presidents and CFOs; we’d scramble for policies and leaderships; now it seems like there is some direction, stability, guidance, so we don’t have to make it up everytime; “I felt like a foster child, and now I’ve been adopted;” benefits improved and didn’t diminish.