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Here are some helpful links to some of the Middlebury sites that you might find useful.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Overview

The Staff Advisory is pleased to share an overview from Eva Giedt’s Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction series offered this Spring.  Scroll through the content or download for your reference.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Overview

MBSR Session 1 Follow-Up

Mindful Awareness of Breath & Body Sensations Practice

1. 10 minutes per day. (Can do in shorter segments.)
2. Become aware of your feet on the Ground
3. Pause and become aware of Breathing
4. Feel your whole Body
5. Resume your Activity with mindfulness

Pause…. Ground…. Breathe…. Feel Body…. Action….

Stop-Take a few breaths-Observe-Proceed

You can do the practice a couple of minutes in the morning. Just pause and sense breath and feet and body. Stop and do the same before a meeting or class during the day, again at lunch, and later in the day. Soon it becomes a good habit.

You can put mindfulness bells on the computer, phone app, or use sticky note reminder.

If you want more

Eva’s Monterey office
MIIS Healthcare Benefit – Wellness Corporation 6 private sessions for stress  (no cost )
Just contact Wellness corporation and ask for referral to Eva Giedt for stress.   800-828-6025

Ryan Ranch CHOMP Class
Thurs evenings 3 times per year.  $175 includes syllabus, book, CDs for home practice, and a lot of practice over 8 weeks.

Ryan Ranch Drop in meditations (if attend 2/3 of the MIIS lunch sessions – no cost)
Located at 2 Upper Ragsdale East gate. Professional Bldg D. Second floor

  • Thursdays 5:30-6:30 pm: February 9, April 26, September 27, October 18
  • Thursdays 5:30-8 pm: March 15, May 31, November 8
  • Saturday Retreats 9:30-4 pm:  March 3, May 19, November 3
  • Saturday meditation retreats are held in silence with guidance.

Bring yoga mat, bag lunch. Questions: contact Eva

Contact Eva
Eva Giedt PMH NP. 831-236-7110.
Licensed Psychotherapy. Wellness Corporation MIIS healthcare provider.

Staff Advisory Team Blog

The Staff Advisory Team, has recently put efforts into starting a community blog.  The goal of this blog is to communicate to the staff community what we’re working on and also gather feedback/ideas/suggestions for how to move forward on initiatives.  Staff members are encouraged to leave comments on blog posts but we will also be adding a feedback page, where anonymous suggestions can be given to the team. This blog will link to the MIIS@Work blog so relevant posts will be cross posted.  The MIIS@Work blog will still be the primary source of important information for Faculty and Staff.

We hope this blog helps us communicate!

Flickr Photo by inju

Flickr Photo by inju