Why a MA in IEM?

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A MA in International Education Management is one of the newest programs at MIIS. Here are the voices of some students explaining why they aspire to pursue this career path at the Institute.

This is the group picture of most of the new IEM Crew

ANNA: “I decided to pursue a career in IEM because I believe that is it a much needed field as the world becomes more connected. I think that it is far too easy to focus on our small bubble and think that we are the center of our lives; when really, we are far more interdependent and interconnected than we think—especially being raised in America. My study abroad experience in Spain and other international experiences I have had have completely shaped the way in which I view the world and my place in it. I am pursuing a career in International Education because I know that we all need this experience and there is no way to escape its benefit.”

LUCAS: “My time living in Eastern Europe, especially the two years I spent as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine, made me want to go into the field of International Education. I have become aware of a lot of misunderstandings, stereotypes, and negative perceptions that exist between the US and Eastern Europe as well as a large amount of friction caused by politics. I want to lessen these and support positive international interaction as a counterbalance to political disagreements or rivalries. At the same time, I would like to help provide more opportunities for study and training abroad to those in undeveloped parts of Eastern Europe. I have been lucky to have had the chance to travel and study abroad, and I’d like them to have that chance as well.”

JESSICA: “I taught ESL for three years, and in my last year, I wanted to advance my career beyond teaching but still remain connected to international students. The IEM program fit my goals perfectly, and had the additional benefits of an intensive language study and an international practicum.

STEPHANIE: The people that I have met from around the world have significantly shaped who I am today. I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to study and interact with international students. They’ve helped me grow as a person by teaching me about their cultures and broadening my horizons. I hope to help others have a positive life-changing learning experience by supporting cross-cultural exchange and sharing my own study, travel, and work experiences abroad.

ADAM: I believe that educational exchange is a powerful tool that changes lives and plays a role in addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems. Thanks to the Fulbright program, I had the opportunity to experience this myself and am committed to providing this experience to students throughout the world. I chose the IEM program because I believe that the program gives me the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve this.

For more information on the IEM program check out their webpage MA in IEM.

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